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  5. "Níl sé á thógáil."

"Níl á thógáil."

Translation:He is not building it.

February 12, 2015



I tried 'It is not being built', but it was not accepted. Is this not an acceptable solution? I have just seen another question that had 'My house is being built' for 'Tá mo theach á thógáil', which looks like the same grammatical construction.


Yes, it is an acceptable solution and should have been accepted.


Go raibh maith agat.


Tangent: would it be possible to also say ní thógtar mo theach or something similar? Is one form better than the other to express that meaning? (And moreover, would one ever use ní thógtar é?)


That one mean "One does not build my house". You couldn't use it for the "ing" form.


Ah, okay... so there's no impersonal-progressive form thingee, and one must just use ag + possessive pronoun + VN?

I wonder then how one disambiguates something like "It is being changed" from "It is changing itself"; wouldn't they both be Tá sé á athrú? Or would the reflexive get a féin in there somewhere, or something?

B'fhéidir go bhfuil mé ag míníneacht faoi seo... :)


There is. It'd be Ní táthar á thógáil. And use a form of .

"It is changing itself" would be Tá sé á athrú féin if you wished to disambiguate it.


I was wondering if you could use the saorbhriathar viz "Ní táthar á thógáil", to make clear "It is not being built" is the intended meaning?
Although, in a real-life situation, there would probably be context to disambiguate the sentence as given.


Yes. That's one of the ways to disambiguate (I love that word!) it.


This á instead of é is really confusing me. Is there more than one way to say this i.e Níl sé é a thógáil or níl sé á thógáil?


There is no sound on this one

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