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Can't access to discuss sentence

Nowadays when I am making lessons, after a while I can't enter the discuss sentence sections, since the discussions are very important for me I usually quit and redo the lesson but it became more frequent now I copy the sentence go to the discussions search from there and read the discussion by that way but sometimes the discussion itself is not opening even with this methot.. I changed the browser but the result remains same, this does not happen when I use android. Any ideas?

February 12, 2015



No ideas, unfortunately, but it happens to me also.


Are you using any extensions? I was using use greasemonkey and Adblock. I disabled both of these, had no problems. Re-enabled Adblock, had no problems (figured greasemonkey was the issue). But after I re-enabled greasemonkey, the issue never returned (I'm not sure, but I think the first time I re-enabled greasemonkey, the problem did resurface.. and it wasn't until I disabled/reenabled a second time that it went away).
If you are using any extensions, it is probably worth a shot to disable all of them, and slowly add them back on until you find the problem.


I am using only adblock but I downloaded mozilla and used it just for Duolingo, the result was same :(

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