"Hon är bara sjuttio!"

Translation:She is only seventy!

February 12, 2015

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Because of the bara... for one moment I thought.. "She is only seventeen"


She's the dancing queen


Yes, I made that mistake too (possibly thinking subconsciously of the ABBA song).


Not the first sentence where the number goes agaisnt the context. It's a nice way to keep us in check! (just facepalmed after writing 'seventeen').


Well, that probably was about 'damen i svart' from previous lessons...


I hope people say that about me in five years! :-)


"She was only seventy" would be much more realistic yet much less funny.


Does this indicate age?


I have a major problem when saying numbers into the microphone. It's just not hearing them, at all. In the end, I am screaming into my microphone, and I am still always getting it all wrong. I repeat exactly how it's being said, over and over and over again, yet nothing.

Is there something wrong with the microphone aspect of Duolingo? I have had quite a few problems with other phrases before, where I have had to just move on with other meanings.

It is kinda frustrating!


Just let the app read it out again while you press 'record'


I'm having the same problem, so my Swedish friend spoke the numbers into it and it said she can't pronounce them right either. She's lived in Sweden all her life and Swedish is her first language...


Bara sjuttio? Den där inte vara ung och tror jag inte att någon med den åldern är...!! (snälla, rätta mig om min svenska är inte ratt, please correct me if my swedish is not right) And a question too: Is there any other way for saying to correct?


Not really, the word for "to correct" is "att rätta".


Sjuttio är den nya sextiofem.


No matter how I pronounce the numbers in most of the speaking exercises of the whole Numbers skill, they do not get recognized by Duolingo. All the other words in the sentence are accepted, but not the numbers. Am I the only one with this issue?


I don't know, maybe because I'm still in elementary school, but I assumed it was seventy... Maybe I'm just dumb?


also, she is just seventy should be good.


The "o" is silent in the word "sjuttio"?


That's what has been said in a different comment section, by Arnauti, if I remember correctly. In numbers, the O at the end is always silent.

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