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Sugestion: Date of discussions make community look stale when it's not

On the lesson units, the discussions below which pertain to the lesson being studied show the date when the thread was started. This is often over a year ago, which may give the impression of tumble-weed, lack of activity. The last post to the threads, however, is usually only a day, or week ago- quite the opposite of the impression given. Maying showing the date of most recent post would avoid this artificial impression of dead threads. In a few months they will read "3 years ago.. etc" :) Probably just me

August 12, 2013



No, it's not just you! If I see a post that is several months or a year old I hesitate to add to that discussion because it doesn't look active. It doesn't look like a current, ongoing discussion. For example, if someone posted a question about, say, grammar usage or sentence construction and no one has answered the question I often don't answer their question because I assume that they have moved on. Sometimes I will post an answer for the next users thru.

I am concerned about the lack of discussion / comments given the number of Duo users. I expected lively discussion groups where native speakers, of the language I am learning (Spanish), would jump in and give English speakers the low down on how the language is used in context. There must be reasons why the discussion areas are not really very active. Anyone have ideas out there as to why this is the case and on how to ramp up the community aspects of Duo? I think part of the problem is that English learners and non-English learners don't really see each others discussion groups.


Completely agree, I do exactly the same thing with old discussions, and those discussions below the lessons are probably dead because everyone sees that nothing was posted there for months. Discussions about sentences are quite alive though.

Also, I was just asking myself why I can't see English discussion groups. If a German native speaker learns Spanish, he can also help those learning German through discussions (and vice versa), but a native English speaker doesn't have the possibility to help those who learn English. Personally, I could probably help some of them, but I could also learn something new, since English isn't my native language either.

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