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"Hendes tro var stærk, da hendes bedstemor døde."

Translation:Her faith was strong, when her grandmother died.

February 12, 2015



Why not sin bedstemor?


Because tro is the subject of the sentence, I think. Sin is only used to match the subject.


I am curious how a native speaker who heard the sentence with "sin" would interpret it.

I am pretty sure that in "Hendes søn var stærk, da sin bedstemor døde", it is the son's grandmother who died, not the woman referred to by hende. So that means that if you said "Hendes tro var stærk, da sin bedstemor døde", it is the faith's grandmother who died!


It's because sin-sit-sine cannot be used when it is part of the subject. In this case "her grandmother" is the subject, therefore it cannot be sin bedstemor, even though it is her own grandmother, it has to be hendes bedstemor.


You're wrong. Her faith is the subject of the sentence.


Yes, but "grandmother" is the subject of subordinate clause.


What does this sentence mean?

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