good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget..* i agree what about you * وشكراا

February 12, 2015

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الأصدقاء الحقيقيون يصعب إيجادهم، يصعب تركهم ويستحيل نسيانهم .. * أنا أتفق ماذا عنك

هذه الترجمة اما اذا تريد رأيي

I agree with you, especially these days, but the friend of bad friends or friends of interest So be smart and choose your friends carefully^_^

February 12, 2015

هذا صحيح انت على الحق

February 12, 2015

yes i agree , and you know friends are important thing to keep going so you're should be carefully when you choose one of them

February 12, 2015

الاصدقاء الجيدون يصعب إيجادهم ، وأصعب تركهم، ومستحيل نسيانهم !!

February 23, 2015

les bons amis sont difficiles à trouver, plus difficile à laisser et impossible à oublier.

March 14, 2015

u ask for translation or ask about our opinions. phrases are mixed

February 12, 2015

both ^.^

February 13, 2015

من الصعب ان تجد اصدقاء جيدين. الاصعب تركهم ومن المستحيل نسيانهم for me, maybe true to a high level but, life doesnt give any care about whether you have good friends or not and anyone should be ready to face his choices alone and doesnt rely on friends nor others.

February 13, 2015

yes, I agree with you ^_^

February 18, 2015

الاصدقاء الجيدين من الصعب إيجادهم والاصعب تركهم ومن المستحيل نسيانهم انا اوافقه الرأي وماذ عنك

March 4, 2015
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