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Inconsistent XP count on dashboard

Looking at my dashboard, which has one student on it (me), I notice that if I set the time period to "total", I see the total count of all my XP that I have earned for one language (about 30,500 right now for EN>ES), which includes a large number of points earned through immersion. This week I've earned around 5,000 points, the vast majority of which came from translating.

But if I change the time period to this week, the number that appears is around 100. When I restrict the time period, it is only counting points earned through lessons and reviews, which is I think more useful to teachers.

Shouldn't the total XP number only count points earned through lessons as well?

February 12, 2015



Great question! So your weekly view is going to show XP from the lessons. Your all time view is going to include your XP from immersion as well.

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