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  5. "Do you run there?"

"Do you run there?"

Translation:An ritheann tú ansin?

February 12, 2015



"Do you run then" is how I thought "An ritheann tú ansin" would translate. "Do you run there" would be "An ritheann tú ann", right? Maybe I've just confused myself in which case sorry for an unnecessary post!


I hope that this reply won’t be more confusing still. “There” meaning “to that place” can translate as either ansin or ann. Ansin in turn can translate as either “there” or “then”, but the latter only in the sense of a sequence of events. “Then” meaning “at a particular time” would be an uair sin, an t-am sin, or ag an am. “Then” to express emphasis or elicit confirmation would be mar sin or más ea, but would probably be written with a comma — “Do you run, then?” An ritheann tú, mar sin?


Is ansin one of the few words that does not follow the slender/slender broad/broad rule?


Couldn't find an etymology dictionary entry for "ansin". However, in another discussion thread Scilling quotes:

"Dinneen’s Foclóir Gaedhilge agus Béarla (1904) shows the spelling as annsin or annsoin, and defines it as “in that; then, there, thereupon”.

Thus one likely explanation is, that this also is a compound word, where the different parts of the word are not adjusted for the slender/slender broad/broad rule.


In Munster Irish, ansin and anseo are often pronounced with a broad s, and are sometimes spelled ansan and ansa.


Ansin-there.Ansin -then. ???


Are dialect forms such as an rithir ansan? accepted on Duo?


Duolingo teaches An Caighdeán Oifigiúil. Users who are already familiar with a particular dialect form can use the Report button to suggest alternative answers, but if someone hasn't made that request before now for a particular exercise, those dialect forms won't be recognized.

Remember that Duolingo only asks questions as a means of teaching - the questions aren't there to assess stuff that you learned elsewhere. If you don't want to use standard Irish, Duolingo may not be the best place to learn.


I see, thanks for the info :)

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