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"I write my books with my pen."

Translation:Scríobhaim mo chuid leabhar le mo pheann.

February 12, 2015



So is leabhar singular because mo chuid is used? And is this pattern always used for plurals after a possessive?


The noun following cuid is in the genitive, and leabhar is the genitive plural - mo chuid leabhar is "my share/portion of books".

In this case, the genitive singular is the same as the nominative plural, but that is not true for all nouns.


The answer to a different question, "The children are playing in the garden with the dog", was "Tá na páistí ag imirt sa ghairdín leis an madra.". Why was "leis an madra" used there, but "le mo pheann" is used here, rather than "leis mo pheann"? It it something to do with "le", something to do with "mo", or is it something I'm missing altogether?


I believe you use "leis" when the noun has a direct article such as "an" or "na", but when there is a possessive such as "mo", you need to use "le". I will leave the explanation of why to Those Who Know. ;-)


Leis crops up in two different ways. You have the first one - le before a definite article (an or na) becomes leis, so it's always leis an or leis na.

Tá said ag imirt leis an madra.

But leis is also used for the 3rd person singular masculine combined form, so we have liom, leat, leis, léi, linn, libh and leo, so leis also means "with him" or "with it".

Tá mé ag scríobh leis - "I am writing with it".

The additional wrinkle is that, when you add the possessive into the mix, "with my" is le mo, "with your" is le do, but "with his" is lena, and so is "with her" and "with their".

Tá mé ag scríobh lena pheann - "I am writing with his pen"
Tá mé ag scríobh lena peann - "I am writing with her pen"
Tá mé ag scríobh lena bpeann - "I am writing with their pen"


I'm pretty sure this last usage is what usually trips me up. grma!


Should "Scríobhaim mo chuid leabhar le mo pheann" be accepted?


Yes — it should even be preferred.

EDIT #1: It’s still not accepted as of 2015-05-06.

EDIT #2: It’s still not accepted as of 2015-05-27.

EDIT #3: It’s still not accepted as of 2015-08-20.

EDIT #4: It’s still not accepted as of 2016-06-12.

EDIT #5: It’s accepted as of 2016-12-23.


Why is it leabhar rather than leabhair?


I don't think I really understand "chuid." "Cuid" means "share" or "part" right? Which is why money is "chuid airgead," because it's the money/silver of the country and you have a share of it (or maybe I totally made that up to justify/remember it, I don't know). But I've also seen "mo chuid eochracha" for "my keys" in these exercises, but it's not like you share your keys. Or like what you're saying here. Is it just a portion of the books? I'm super confused.

(Sorry for replying to a 2 year old question, it just seems like an appropriate spot to ask my question)


I put, Scríobhaim mo leabhair le mo pheann. I forgot about the chuid. It was marked Correct, though. Is it technically correct not good usage? Would it be understood but sound odd?

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