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"Como um espelho, como eles dizem."

Translation:Like a mirror as they say.

August 13, 2013



What does this this even mean? Is it a saying?


No, just a random sentence..


Does "como eles dizem" mean "as they say", like the english expression? (even if this sentence is random).


Ohh yes! The structure is correct, just the meaning is unknown, I mean, not a proverb or saying.


I think someone who used this sentence was attempting to demonstrate that "como" could have different translations.


I think it more loosely means, "Like a mirror, as the saying goes."


I thought long and hard about what to write here, in the end I went for a word for word translation of "as a mirror, as they speak" and was amazed when I got the green tick. These random sentences are great, really make me stop and concentrate on the words.


True, it really helps you understand if your instincts are getting better


that's also my view:)


A basic Google search shows this is more of an English expression than a Portuguese one. Here's one of the examples I got, with corresponding context: "The sun is low in the sky and the sea is calm. Like a mirror as they say."


This doesn't realky make any sense in English and my Brazilian boyfriend says it doesnt make sense in Portuguese either. Wouldn't recommend it being used.


I thought it could be used to give a military style order along the lines of "Clean those pans properly!"


"I want those pans so clean I can see myself with them! Like a mirror!" Like that?


there's a scene in "Problem Child" where the nun says this to Junior, and he holds up a slop-covered kettle and says "This one kind of looks like you!"



I suppose it could also translate as, "I eat a mirror, as they say." Não é possível?


I eat a mirror? Sounds a bit crunchy for me...


they don't say this at all.


I don't know. Perhaps you have just hiked to some mountain like and are amazed by the view of it. Like a mirror, as they say (in the guide, back at the hotel, ...) Use your imagination :)


This saying appears to be an idiom saying. Can't quite put my finger on it. It's like if someone asked you, "How do I look?", then they answer could be, like a mirror. I don't know maybe I'm wrong about this.


"As much as a mirror, so much they say." Awkward, like the original, but not acceptable? :)


the view over the clear water is like a mirror, so they say


I take this to be an idiom, something akin to the strange english idiom that describes a near exact likeness between two people "he's the spitting image of his father".


Where I live, people say the sea is like a mirror when there's no wind to make waves. So 'Like a mirror as they say' makes perfect sense to me.

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