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  5. "We stayed at the hotel."

"We stayed at the hotel."

Translation:Vi blev på hotellet.

February 12, 2015



Isn't vi boede also correct? Bor can also mean to stay somewhere. Can't it?


I (native Danish) surely prefer 'vi boede på hotellet'. The verb 'blive' (infinite form) will in a context like this be understood as 'remain'. Examples: 'Jeg blev på hotellet medens min kone gik ud for at shoppe' (I stayed (=remained) at the hotel while my wife went out shopping). 'Jeg blev hjemme, fordi jeg var syg' (I stayed at home because I was ill). (Remain = forblive => blive (i kort form, daglig tale))


'at bo' = 'to live'

You could say "Vi boede på hotellet", but that would mean 'we' lived there.


Not true, "at bo" can mean stay. The danes use "bo" very often when referring to hotels they have stayed. I understood that in this case the meaning of the sentence was something like "we stayed at the hotel last night", the verb is "blev". In contrast, if it the sentence was "we stayed at the hotel California", "bo" would have been more appropriate.


Live as in live in a house, not to be alive :) Just to avoid confusion.


It it incorrect to 'blev i hotellet' ?

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"Vi opholdt os på hotellet." Is it totally wrong?


So is "blive" used both for "to become" and "to remain"? Or is there some subtle difference?


What would be the meaning of blev til hotelet. I am trying to understand when to use på and til.

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