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"S’il te plaît… apprivoise-moi!" dit le renard.

So yeah, I love Le petit prince. And with the Valentine's day coming, let's say I would want to say "We have tamed each other" in French - how would I say it exactly? I found something like "On s'était apprivoisé" but it sounds like plus-que-parfait and that would mean "we had tamed each other", implying we are no longer... tamed... Help, please :)

February 12, 2015



Maybe use it as a reflexive reciprocal: Nous nous apprivoisons. Or past tense: Nous nous sommes apprivoisé. I hope this helps but I'm a little knew to reflexive reciprocals so it would be a good idea to search it up some more. Bonne chance :)


I think as well that "Nous nous sommes apprivoisés" is the best :)


Merci beaucoup! :)

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