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Scandinavian :-)

February 12, 2015



This image comes from the book Nordens språk med rötter och fötter ("The languages of the Nordic Countries with roots and feet"), published by the Nordic Council and available in the 5 official Scandinavian languages. It's freely available online here: http://eplads.norden.org/nordenssprak/

This particular image is from this chapter: http://eplads.norden.org/nordenssprak/kap2/2a/06.asp?lang=sv


Am I right in thinking this is Norwegian: I live in Bergen, Swedish: I live in Gothenburg and Danish: I live in Arhus?


Yes, but it is phonetic spelling (just for those unaware). And it is Nynorsk...

Oh, and it is either Aarhus or Århus.

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