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Any way Duolingo can teach Grammar?

I've noticed from users' questions here and from my own experience that there are the quite amount of people who are not very good when it comes to grammatical terms and rules - sure they can write and speak well in their own language 'cause their gut tell them it is right but when they're asked to explain the rules of grammar they draw blanks and especially when it's in a new language (like me when I arrived at Nom, Acc, Gen, and Dat rules in German :(! Totally forgot what each stands for).

So, is there any plan to teach basic grammar similar to the other languages (skill tree, exercises etc)? In a way grammar is its own language that many people need to learn properly but lack the resources to do so (education, money). I know this seems to be retrogressive on Duolingo's main idea of "translating the web" since there isn't anything to translate in grammar.. BUT grammar is fundamental to know to be able to learn any language in the first place.

PS I suppose this question will end up in Spanish: General? We need a Duolingo question area that concerns the site, and not individual languages!

May 8, 2012



Aren't there hundreds of good places to learn languages as well? Duolingo's learning engine is so good and does a great job teaching pedagogically, that's why I thought it would be good idea to have a grammar section as well. :)


I agree with Mygrapegruit on this one. There are tons of resources available, both online and offline where one can learn a language. DuoLingo has a certain goal in mind. They want their users to be able to learn a language first, here on this site, before or during the translation of pieces of the web. With that in mind I think it would be a good idea to make this site as complete as possible to give the users all the tools needed for the project DuoLingo has going on right here, and not to expect users to go and search for that piece of knowledge themselves somewhere else.


There are hundreds of good places on the web to learn grammar. Why duplicate the effort?


I was thinking the exact same thing as Mygrapefruit after just reading silverapricot's comment and not seeing the OP's comment afterwards. I can't say it any better myself.

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