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what is the most coins you ever got in one day?

my record is 159

5 years ago


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  • 9
  • 9

300 something. I don't know how to look up numbers further ago than a week. But this was a day I had nothing to do but wait for different things and completely revised my vocabulary out of boredom.

5 years ago


Truthfully, I've never noticed. But dividing the weekly total by seven, I seem to average about 300 / day. Whenever I have a spare moment – e.g., waiting for an appointment – I use my mobile device to do a few lessons. These 'stolen moments" of practice, in addition to dedicated study time at home, add up.

On the obverse side of the coin, it seems to take a huge number of repetitions for me to master some of the more sublime elements of German syntax.

5 years ago


Today I'm up to 364 coins for Spanish. I work from home so on "dead" days I get to spend a majority of the time learning.

5 years ago

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I think around 400, when I first joined and spent hours on duolingo.

5 years ago


as a beggar?

5 years ago