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First and Second Lessons in Irish Verbs Present I aren't Working

When I do the lessons, I don't get credit for them. Just wanted to let you know.

February 13, 2015



I'm having the same problem. the phone app and the timed practice works fine, but when I complete a lesson in Irish, it just reloads my tree without giving me credit for the lesson!


I think I'm having the same problem. I did the second half of Eclipsis twice and it still shows it like I didn't do it. Really frustrating.

Edit: It looks like I'm only having this problem with Eclipsis. I tried Lenition and I was able to learn that skill. Now I'm stuck because I "can't learn" Eclipsis. Boo.

New edit: I was able to test out of the skill, so that's a workaround for now...


Exactly my experience as well. I'm sure they'll fix it soon. In the meanwhile I still need to practice the lessons that come before those, since this language is my weakest right now.

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