"An egg"

Translation:Et æg

February 13, 2015



Whats the difference between en and et?


One is for the common gender (en) the other is for neuter (et). It's like un or una in Spanish, you use the appropriate indefinite article for the gender of the word.


Thank you, a lingot for you!


Now, how would you tell if it is feminine or masculine?


The gammatical masculine and feminine genders in Danish are functionally the same, there's no difference in the definite and indefinite articles or the inflection of adjectives. I guess you meant common and neuter? You'd just have to learn the gender with each word. Otherwise you can tell with the indefinite and definite suffixes used, or how the adjectives are inflected. Like with 'et æg', you know automatically know 'egg' is neuter because 'et' is the neuter indefinite article. It's the same for all other words.


TTS is wrong. Listen to "et"

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