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  5. "He also has a mirror."

"He also has a mirror."

Translation:Ele também tem um espelho.

August 13, 2013



Is it ever ok to put "tambem" at the end of a sentence? And if so, what difference does it make? Eg, is there anything wrong with "ele tem um espelho tambem?"


Yes, no problem with using também at the end. Depending on the context when someone uses também at the beginning of a sentece it emphasizes the sentence or show an obvious expectation: "João disse que não irá conosco ao cinema" / "também, ele nunca tem dinheiro!"


Aha! Damn, I knew I should have "reported problem" :D

Also, thanks for that very prompt and helpful reply. I am always impressed and grateful when I see another answer from you.


Thanks. Always keep your Portuguese up! ;)


I agree with you

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