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Learn Dutch and Learn in Dutch

It would be nice if we also could learn Dutch or learn from Dutch to other languages. I know it is not a very important language.

August 13, 2013



Dit forum mist trouwens echt een Nederdraad.


It's a running gag / practical joke on both 4chan's and krautchan's /int/, perhaps also on other imageboards. Could be that it even has roots in some vbulletin forums. Anyway, it's basically a permanently recurring thread, started by some poster from the Netherlands or Flanders as soon as the old one disappears.

The only rule: Write in Dutch.

The only other constant: The topic name is "Nederdraad".


I see, thanks for your explanation :)


I might add: Please don't go there.

Both boards have long been past their peaks. That certain kind of forced, dull racism has become the norm by now, after a long time of witty (if you're into it) xenophobic banters. Last year it was still possible to have some interesting discussions on 4chan's /int/. I return there from time to time, but it's actually not worth it. When exactly it has been surpassed by krautchan's /int/ in terms of "quality", I cannot say. Personally, I attribute it to there being more Eastern Europeans. Those who manage to get beyond their vkontakte sphere (or whatnot) often add to other international communities. But anyway, most of the more interesting characters moved on to reddit - which is despised on imageboards, because there it is not accepted to be politically incorrect.

The Nederdraden on 4chan nowadays consist of about a dozen of the same people and on krautchan they do not even seem to be a permanent sight anymore. I cannot speak about the inner dynamics of the Nederdraad of old, as I really got into them only earlier this year, but it is basically still a homebase for the Dutch shitposters who remained (and in terms of shitposting, they still do set standards). It's probably the only thread, where people wish each other a good night (in a way that can make you feel really cozy: "zlaap ze, schatten!"), so you figure.

I once was lovingly called a "schatten patatje" after saying my good night there. One of the nicest rewards that I ever received for my efforts in learning Dutch (though that particular guy was probably gay).

Do you actually speak Dutch?


Specific languages are of the board, right now the Duo team is focusing on tools that will allow the community to make language courses themselves.


Ok, my English is good enough,


Inderdaad, ik ben Belg en spreek ook Nederlands en deel jullie mening jongens. Maar Nederlands wordt meer gesproken dan je zou denken en met de dochtertalen als Zuid-Afrikaans enzoverder erbij kan je zeggen dat het veel gesproken en geleerd wordt. Bijvoorbeeld meer dan het Deens heb ik eens gelezen. Maar bekijk het zo: ik leer er Spaans en Engels tegelijk mee, en als ik Spaans volledig geleerd heb kan ik bv. eens Engels vanuit Spaans leren ;)

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