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"Han ställde sitt glas golvet."

Translation:He put his glass on the floor.

February 13, 2015



ställa means 'put into a standing position' and lägga means 'put into a position where it lies down'.


I think a better translation, then, would be "He set his glass on the floor." That was accepted. "Set" should be offered in the mouseover choices.


In which the closrst English translation would be 'stood '. So ställa would used in the sense of being put and stå the orientation of something/someone that is located somewhere. But stood wasn't acepted as of 16.8.18.


Can you really say "he stood his glass on the floor", though? I know I'm not a native English speaker, but to me, that really sounds off.


Hej Devalanteriel, as a native English English speaker I would stay it's more precise to say stood but more people I suspect would say 'put' if they were focussing on the action or 'is' if they were focussing on its location, and 'is stood' if they were focussing on the action but indicating the orientation of the object.
In this way, it seems to me that this matches the Swedish, where the use of more precise verbs of position and orientation are used (ligga, stå & siiter) in preference to just using 'is' or 'vara'. In English tis is equally as possible but less frequent. Equally with lägga, ställa & sätta we probably are more likely to say the generic 'put' but many people would be more precise as say is laid, is stood and is sat. All to say, that we have the same distinctions as Swedish and they are and sound perfectly okay, it's just that they not as frequently used.


Very well, two are enough for me. :) I must admit it still sounds wrong - I have no problem with a bike being stood against the wall for instance, so maybe it's just because I'm picturing a tiny glass on the floor in the middle of nowhere. I'll add it now!


No it is quite right. It would mean he was very careful putting it down. Placing it would be the same.


As ställa means 'put into a standing position', shouldn't 'He stood his glass on the floor' be a-ok? Mebbe it's just a Scottish thing, med svenskarna är min bröder efter alla.


Mina tut tut...


What would his glasses be?


why would someone set a glass on the floor? Is this a drinking glass or is there some other type of glass which belongs on a floor?


If you have small children, you sometimes just have to put things wherever you can, quickly. :)

But yeah, the assumption is that it's any ordinary drinking glass. It could be any kind of glass, though - maybe it's in a window factory setting, for instance?


If you have small children; I'd think the floor is the last place you would set a drinking glass... OK, though, I do understand how one would place a window glass on the floor or lean it against the wall but this sentence is still just very odd to me; like they should have used a different object or a different place to put the glass.


Trust me: if it's urgent enough, you just put it wherever.

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