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"Verden har mange skønheder, som jeg gerne vil se."

Translation:The world has so many beauties that I would like to see.

February 13, 2015



Is this about beautiful things in general, or beautiful people? In English, "beauties" are usually beautiful people.

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Exactly. In English this means 'beautiful women'. A native speaker should confirm that that is the meaning in danish too, or that it can mean 'beautiful things' in general.


Native speaker here. I think Euhan's comment below is correct. Without any context, one might easily associate the word "skønhed" with a beautiful woman. But it really depends on the context - it wouldn't sound strange if it was used to denote 'beautiful things'.


I understand this sentence as if it should be wonders instead of beauties, is it right?


I thought "so much beauty" was correct....


I would say that skønhed is more or less used exactly the same as beauty in English. It does suggest women but other interpretations are possible (e.g. these opals are beauties).


My Gyldendals Røde Ordbog gives 'beauty' as the only translation of skønhed. It translates 'wonder' (eg the 7 wonders of the world) as 'underværk'.


This isn't really a reply to what I said. You should put comments like this at the top level of the discussion rather than as a reply.

Good luck with the languages!


So many "beautiful things" would make it clearer.


I would be surprised if the translation was 'so much beauty' and not 'so many beauties'. So many beauties just cumbersome in English


"...so many beauties" sounds weird to me. Is there a different way one might translate "skønheder" in this sense?


If you really mean beauties as in beautiful women ,then that's an adequate translation. I suspect you meant " so much beauty" or " so many beautiful things", if so, then your translation is inadequate.

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