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  5. "On Friday."

"On Friday."

Translation:Dé hAoine.

February 13, 2015



When you hover over the text "on Friday" you get the clue "ar an Aoine". When you type this clue into the checkbox - an error occurs. Why?

February 13, 2015


Because the clue isn’t accurate — ar an Aoine is better understood generally as “on Fridays”. It could be translated as “on Friday” as part of a date phrase, e.g. ar an Aoine 13ú Feabhar 2015 (“on Friday, 13th February 2015”) because day names without take an article.

February 13, 2015


Thank you, kind person, sometimes these clues are misleading.

February 13, 2015


then why is it offered as a clue if it is incorrect?

July 12, 2015


Still offering same clue ...no alternative

April 8, 2017
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