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"Como nós envolvemos os alunos na ocupação?"

Translation:How do we involve the students in the occupation?

August 13, 2013



In the context provided, how is "occupation" not synonymous with "profession"? Are they referring to "occuption", as in "Occupy Wall Street"? These answers are continually vexing.


In this context ocupação may refer to any task that takes time...


Alright thanks. I still find this to be an awkward, unintuitive sentence though. One would almost never find "occupation" used in English the way it is here. Generally, speakers will already know what the subject is. For example "harvesting the turnips". So they would stop with "How can we get the students involved?" When the subject isn't known, they wouldn't use "occupation" in place of the specific action. "How can we get the students involved in harvesting the turnips?". Oh well, I guess I'm just cranky from lack of sleep!


I would write "activity" instead of occupation


I tried "How can we involve the students in work?" I realize that was incorrect, and needed more precision. I got an interesting correct answer, though: "How can we involve the students in the take over?"

That sounds like the military or civil disobedience type of occupation, rather than a profession.


Just Duolingo being random. I like to think this has the same flexibility in both languages.

Answer: "We are the 99%"



Profession was given as one of the translations for ocupação. So I entered "How do we involve the students in the profession" and it was not accepted. I thought this would be more fitting in the context.

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It is indeed. I complained.


Hey couldnt agree with you more. It's annoying one chooses a given choice and it is not accepted.


Duolingo's language team accidentally mixed up their meeting transcripts with translation sentences, and thus revealed their dastardly plan to take over the world!


I agree with the complaint below. If you're going to give two correct choices, why not accept both, if both make sense in English?


why are the following translations not correct in this system? the work, activity, job.


Ditto, I put "work" and got it wrong


duo wants us to be mindreaders here, accepting only one correct answer without providing the context needed to know that answer is the one being sought.


Duolingo said correct answer was ' how do we involve the students in the take over'!!! Think they have confused two different meanings of 'occupation': 1) a profession 2) occupying something, in which case a take over would be more likely a demonstraion such as a sit-in! NB job would be a perfectly acceptable translation as often used synonymously with profession.


how do we involve the pupils in the profession ? it is suggested but no accepted ,,, although it sounds more natural in the context of involving someone in a certain activity or job or bussines ...


Yeah the context is really lacking here, which is making it hard to actually learn Portuguese. Or wait--perhaps the confusion is pedagogical! We may never know... ;) But seriously, the sentence in English sounds like Google translate snuck into the otherwise very human duolingo programming.


I'm from Israel and was wondering if Duo might be telling me something… (I’m a leftist, though, so I’d probably agree if it were.)


Have 10 lingots on me for a free Palestine <3


Please don’t. This is far less helpful than you think.

This is about as objective a guide as I can provide for how to talk about Israel productively as I can conjure up.


"profession" was one of the options given for ocupação and fits the meaning better than occupation which might be literal but is awkward here. Why is it wrong?


Can this be referring to a task. The US occupation of Iraq is over so it can't be that.


"How do we get the students involved in this activity?" sounds more natural.


That has to be just about the worst sentence I've come across on Portuguese Duolingo in a year. Absolutely awful nonsense English.


I answered "How are we involved in the students occupation" :(


Doesn't work because os alunos is a direct object, not nos, and is not ocupação dos alunos.


Is there a reason why it must be "in the occupation" and not "in an occupation"?


"na ocupação" = "em a ocupação" = "in the occupation". "in an occupation" would be "em uma ocupação"


Because it is a specific occupation, even if it was not mentioned in the sentence...


I used business - which is a dropdown suggestion - but it was marked incorrect. Is it wrong? It seemed like it meant something akin to employing [student] interns.


I chose business too. Why was it in the dropdown if it's unacceptable?


I replied "How did we involve the students in the occupation." I think it's just as correct as the answer it gave.

This course started out great. New material was carefully introduced after a good foundation and a lot of practice. But now it seems that the later units just weren't put together as thoughtfully. I'm very confused.


Your answer is not correct because it uses the past tense


Read the sentence. How was I supposed to know if the intention was past or present? The exercise didn't specify the present tense.


Unless you're in the past (or future, or continuous) tense sections, duo will always default to present tense.

There is no reason to assume it would be in past tense, present tense is the default- unless you're in a specific tense section, in which case that's the tense you should assume will be right.


Really, without a context both tenses are quite acceptable. I reported.

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