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  5. "What age are you?"

"What age are you?"

Translation:Cén aois thú?

February 13, 2015



Shouldnt this be 'cén aois thú?'not 'cén aois tú?' (Mobile app)


No; in this sentence is a subject rather than an object. (If it were a question in the first person, would you use “I” or “me”?)


I have never heard it pronounced this way. There's lots of hits for both ways in a google search, e.g. http://www.forvo.com/word/c%C3%A9n_aois_th%C3%BA%3F/

These kids pronounce it your way (Ulster accent): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQGYBR8knK4

An bhfuil sé rud réigiúnach?


Pronunciation doesn’t always follow spelling; for example, féin is often pronounced héin, and is sometimes dialectally spelled fhéin to reflect that pronunciation. I suspect that the pronunciation of as in this question reflects a similar situation, and the spelling thú is likely used to match such a pronunciation. Grammatically, is the spelling for the nominative case.

EDIT #1: It could be that thú is used to reflect the copula that’s hidden in cén — if that’s the case, then thú would be the proper form.

EDIT #2: Yes, that’s the case. Your initial thought was right, and my initial response was wrong — thú should be used in this sentence because of the copula hiding in cén.


Ok, thanks for the feedback. I don't pretend to understand the finer points of the grammar you mention, but maybe by the time I finish the course I will :)


Is the usage of thú addressed at some point in the duolingo tree or should I look for an explanation in another source? Is actually wrong here?

[deactivated user]

    To add to what Scilling has said, the Caighdeán Oifigiúil says: 'It is customary to lenite the personal pronoun when it is the object of a verb, e.g. báfar thú, molaim thú, and in some copular expressions, e.g. mo ghraidhin thú '.


    I don’t remember which skill(s) here covered pronomial usage. You could look at the Gramadach na Gaeilge page on personal pronouns. is actually wrong here.


    Can't reply to your last post, so I thank you on the previous one. Some copula pronouns are introduced in Basics 1 exercises but thú was not explicitly explained anywhere in tips and notes so far (I am currently in Adj.).

    I used in my original answer, which was accepted, but your earlier comment made me think maybe it's preferable to use thú with the copula.


    Why are both 'thu' and 'tu' correct?


    Why is it 'cen' rather than 'cad' ? GRMA

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    There a couple of ways to answer that. One way is to point out that you never have a noun immediately after cad, and it might be better to think of cad as "what is" rather than just "what". cén can sometimes be thought of as "which", but in this case, the cén of cén aois thú? is usually rendered as "what" in English.


    Does "cén" have an implied verb (implied copula)?

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