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Reading Harry Potter in Swedish

Hey guys,

I'm looking to get hold of the Harry Potter books, or at least the first one anyway, in Swedish so that I can pick up the language a bit more, but I can't find where to get a Swedish copy that isn't incredibly expensive - they're selling for upwards of £70 on Amazon. Any help would be appreciated :)

February 13, 2015



If you don't mind E-books, all of the books are available in Swedish on Pottermore for £5-7 a book.



http://www.bokus.com/ is a good website for buying Swedish books, including Harry Potter :)


I got two volumes rather cheap second-hand on Ebay. Maybe you could try this. But be warned: Swedish postage can be quite expensive. I paid more for the stamps than for the books :)


Alternatively: You can try to contact bookstores in Sweden directly and ask them if they'd be willing to send them abroad. As I said above, postage will be expensive, but it'll be below £70 :)


All the Harry Potter books in both Swedish and English are available to read free on Kindle Unlimited - which itself isn't free, but it's cheap. I've nearly finished the first one, and it's doing wonders for my vocabulary and general understanding of how the language works. (I read a paragraph or two in Swedish, then in English.)


I know that Grant and Cutler, now based in the flagship Foyles store on Charing Cross Road (London), sell it in Swedish for a reasonable price.


I can't contribute anything to this discussion that is actually helpful (sorry), but THANK YOU SO MUCH for that idea. That is brilliant!!!

[deactivated user]

    Ja, man. Jag har littat efter samma saken för några veckor. Jag vill hitta det för fri, om det är möjligt, men alla som jag hitter är e-boker.


    I thought about this too, but i should probably start with the moomins or Pippi långstrumpf, i think starting with Harry Potter is aiming too high for me lol :)


    Haha, I'm trying with Stieg Larsson right now! I have the ebooks and it will be my reward for finishing the tree. (And yes, I've read them a few times in English, so that will help.)


    Last weekend I bought a copy of Swedish book 'prince ib michael' on an online second hand website (marktplaats). Perhaps similar websites also have Some (but maybe not a specific book if that's what you're looking for). Edit: Lol, I looked it up and I see the author is Danish. Don't mind.


    You've probably found it by now, but Amazon has Philosopher's Stone on Kindle for under US $10.


    Thanks! Yes, I ended up getting the Kindle books :) I finished the Philosopher's stone, but it turns out that the Chamber of Secrets is very painful to read slowly, every scene is either Lockhart or Dobby making everything terrible, or Harry being in the wrong place at the wrong time. D:

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