"Skjortan har knappar."

Translation:The shirt has buttons.

February 13, 2015

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I really have problems pronouncing the 'Sk' in 'skjortan'. Does anyone have something that can help me get the pronounciation right?


This is an old comment, but anyone else seeking help with this, maybe try this. This is going to sound weird, but pretend you are a cat hissing, do it now. Now, as you are doing it, close your mouth ever so slightely into a size of maybe "blowing air". Now soften the hiss into a soft blow where it feels like it comes off the roof of your mouth like the hissing sound did, and say the word. See if this helps.


Shouldn't it be 'the shirt has buttons' not 'the shirt's got buttons' ?


The shirt has buttons is the suggested answer, as you can see on top of this page.


That's not the answer it suggested when I answered incorrectly. It suggested 'the shirt's got buttons'


If you input something that is not recognized as correct, the system will try to match it to the closest accepted answer, which means you may get shown translations that are accepted but not optimal.


That makes sense, thanks :)


congrats on the 666 by the way, I am also here to enjoy your streak.


So, SK is pronounced F?? Swedish is the first language where I do not understand the pronounciation rules. It looks that every word has a different rule. That's very very difficult for me.....


No, it's pronounced /ɧ/ in phonology terms. That sounds doesn't exist in English. For a relatively easy way into it, think of it as the CH in German "ach" or in Scottish "loch", but a bit softer.

SK (and SKJ) are pronounced this way before the vowels E, I, Y, Ä and Ö.


However "skjorta" has an "o" not an "ö". So... ?


The new voice is very very difficult to understand.


The new pronunciation is not understandable.


Knappar doesn't sound like that in swedish.


Sounds relatively ok to me.


Could you provide a link to what you think it should sound like? Is this a better pronunciation? http://www.forvo.com/word/knappar/


I think the audio is okey here, and the pronunciation you link to is perfectly fine.

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