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  5. "Hur gammalt är universum?"

"Hur gammalt är universum?"

Translation:How old is the universe?

February 13, 2015



Approximately 13.8 billion years.


Duo hasn't taught us to count to 13.8 billion in Swedish yet.


You see, it goes ett, två, tre, fyra, fem, sex, sju, åtta, nio, tio, elva, tolv, tretton, fjorton, femton, sexton, sjutton, arton, nitton, tjugo, tjugoett, tjugotvå, tjugotre...


ett, två, hoppa några, 13,8 miljarder


Piece of cake!

Or, in Swedish, lätt som en plätt!


How would that be pronounced, by the way? Tretton punkt åtta?


Trivia addition to Zmrzlina's comment:

Swedish uses a thin space delimiter for separating thousands, whereas some European countries use a point. So we write 1 000 000, others write 1.000.000, and the US write 1,000,000. Mildly confusing.

And it gets worse: Sweden used to separate with dots previously, but the recommendation was changed a few decades ago. Other countries (e.g. Germany) are undergoing the same process.

Finally, it's not actually a regular space, it's the typographical thin space that's used... :)


Tretton komma åtta.

Swedish uses comma, not point, for all mathematics.


Can anyone explain the word universum? Does it mean both universe and the universe?


A hypothetical definite form would be universumet, but we always talk about it in the indefinite as if it were a name almost.


Would that definite form be used when speaking of something like the Marvel universe? Perhaps "Det Marvel universumet"?


Good question, I would definitely think so. I checked at Swedish Wikipedia’s article fictive universe and they write universumet as you said.

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13.784 billion years, to be more precise.


Does Swedish use the long or short scale?


Copy-pasting myself from here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5769082/Hon-har-en-miljon-v%C3%A4nner

We use the long scale. I'll use numbers to ensure I don't screw up. :)

  • en miljon = 1 000 000 = an English million
  • en miljard = 1 000 000 000 = a modern English billion
  • en biljon = 1 000 000 000 000 = a modern English trillion
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