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Irish Questions

So I just completed the first lesson in the Irish Questions category and I'm not receiving credit for it therefore the second lesson has not been unlocked. I thought that I may have rushed through the end and it didn't have a chance to give me the credit so I did it two more times with the same outcome. Has anyone else had this problem?

February 13, 2015



yeah, a number of us seem to be having this problem. It doesn't seem to be related to a certain level or lesson, and I've tried duolingo on numerous browsers! Hopefully, it will be fixed soon, but in the meantime, the app and the timed practice still works.


I had the same problem yesterday with a lesson. I completed it 3 times with no credit but when I switched to my phone and completed the lesson it finally worked. I also logged out on my computer and back in and that helped.


Even though I am on level 4 I would like to go back and review lower levels so how do I do that.

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