Lesson X/Y

when I am tracking students work via dashboard, I click on a student and it shows what lessons they have completed. For instance animals 3/7. Does this information necessarily mean they have never done this lesson?? If my assignment for my 50 minute class is 3 strengthen skills and 2 new lessons then it should show up that they "practiced" 3 lessons and then something like adjective 1/7 adjectives 2/7. Is this correct?

February 13, 2015


"Animals 3/7" means that the student completed lesson 3 of the Animals skill (not practice). Practices are always shown as "Practice" in the Lesson column (because you don't practice specific lessons within a skill). So yes, you should see three "Practices" and two "Skill x/y" for each class assignment.

Thank you for verifying. So once a student completes a lesson x/y then if they do it again it will become practice?

Yes. A new entry will appear for the skill, and it will say Practice under the Lessons column.

Exactly, LinZiyin- also worth noting that the student list will show what the student is completing in real-time. The student doesn't have to go in a specific order.

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