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Gaining less XPs when strenghtening.

When strenghtening, I am now gaining only 6 or 7 XPs, while until yesterday I always got 10 XPs for each strenghtening lesson I completed. Is this an error or Duolingo changed its values for this type of lesson (I did not try to complete a new lesson yet to see how many XPs I would get). Thank you in advance.

February 13, 2015



Apparently this is happening to many people (myself included): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6986219 I haven't found any replies from Duolingo staff yet.


I came here looking for this issue. Hopefully they will explain it or fix it. The XP I was awarded seemed random, and it was all strengthening -- 5, 7, 11, and 6. It was very weird.


I received only 6 XP for strengthening a Nature strengthening skill lesson today (Feb 14th 2015) The first time it has happened to me, and no warning given. A bit of a surprise and not a nice Valentine's Day present!


From what I know, you now get xp based on how many deteriotated words you strenghtened by doing the lesson. If you want to farm xp, I suggest doing the timed practice.


That fits with what I see too.


i received 3 xp for strengthening a skill today in danish. 3. hmmm...


Isn't it dependent on the number of mistakes you have done during the lesson?


Not sure about that. I did a strengthening exercise in Italian today, breezed through without missing a single item and received a 4 for the strengthening item. Seems a bit random to me at this point.


That's right. You still get 10XP for a new level, and for revising the new level - seemingly as many times as you want. But if you go back and revise, you might only get 3 or 4 XP, while this used to be 10 for any level.

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