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Cherche correspondant anglais pour renforcer mes bases

Je cherche un correspondant anglais pour renforcer mes bases en anglais si possible pour communiquer par mails

February 13, 2015

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Hey I am fine and you?


i am fine thanks,,my name is jawad,,i am from morocco,,,and you ?


Hi, I'm actually trying to learn italian, but I won't mind writing a short e-mail from time to time. Know that I'm ("I am") not always on the computer so this will not be as regular as you would like. Have a good evening.


it's a good idea, i enjoy it very much. have a nice day


Ben dis donc Morgane ! Je savais pas que tu voulais t'y mettre ! Io parle Italiano ! Heu... Speak English?


Well, I had a busy sunday. Much house-cleaning... I would rather have gone skiing but I baked a cheesecake instead. Do like desserts? I love to eat; period. ....When an english speaker finishes a sentance with "period" ...C'est comme un francophone qui fini sa phrase avec "un point c'est tout" (plus ou moins) ;-) Have a good week!


Lettre n°2 du 22.02. I forgot; Let me know what you want to converse about...


salut, si c'est toujours d'actualité je suis bilingue (anglais langue maternelle puis français) et je suis dispo pour parler en anglais quand tu veux :) it's up to you... however, i do speak british english so if you're lookng for someone who speaks american english, i won't be much help !


bonjour lemonymay, ça me plairait beaucoup d'échanger des mails ou messages sur facebook pour approfondir mes bases en anglais. pourrais tu m'aider?


Hello, if you want learn english, add me on Facebook or Skype, we will speak regulary in english. My Facebook : Logan Bendenia My Skype : BendeniaLogan

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