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  5. "Ele dorme na sala"

"Ele dorme na sala"

Translation:He sleeps in the living room.

August 13, 2013



Can't "sala" just mean "room", or is that only when it's used in a phrase? The earlier vocab "sala de tribunal" (courtroom) made me think "sala" was room in general, and then you'd add something to it to specify, like "living room", "dining room", etc. in English.


sala is usually "living room", what we also call 'sala-de-estar'. Room, in general, is used as cĂ´modo (sometimes "quarto" - bedroom)


Obrigada! "Living room" is "sala de estar" in Spanish also. The similarities and differences between Portuguese and Spanish are giving me some trouble :)


on the screen you translate "sala"as lounge but in the sentence you say it is wrong and living room is correct IN ENGLISH they are the same place


If "sala" is lounge or living room in a home, do you have other words to differentiate a less formal "family room" and a "den" (which is a masculine small private comfortable study room to relax in and do individual activities which might have books or where you work on small projects or just enjoy hobbies - but it is not a business office)? Those are different from a living room in America

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