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Swedish practice dialogues

Hello all!

I have written some randomly-generating dialogues using the Duolingo vocabulary, to practice the words and phrases in a more natural context.


^ Copy this text into a word or notepad file and save it with the extention ".html" (for example type "Swedish.html" when you are asked to name the file). Then open it in your web browser.

Have a play, let me know any errors? Hope this is useful and fun. I plan to do one in a pet shop next.

February 13, 2015




Is it supposed to be an application where you can select the dialogue, or just a list of dialogues? If it is just a list of dialogue with hotlinks & formatting, then it worked. I read through it, and it's good practice.

I feel like I know a lot in Swedish but can't really apply it yet because I know how to say "the elephants" but not "I like the elephants because my favorite color is gray and when I was a kid I used to have a toy elephant" so this does kinda help put stuff in perspective and show that I can say SOME useful things lol.


It's just two dialogues - whenever you refresh the page, it changes, however you can't do anything fancy like check your answers. I'm really glad you liked it and found it useful ^_^ I had fun coding it, and I have been using it myself too.

I am fortunate in that I am learning Swedish with a friend, so I've started dropping bits into conversation to get some more natural practice.


This is a pretty crazy conversation!

Cook:Hello and welcome to the restaurant! Would you like dinner?

Woman:Yes. Do you cook beer?

Cook: Yes, and we sell many oranges. What are you both eating?

Man: We want pepper

Cook: And what are you drinking?

Man: I am drinking many beers

Cook:What does your child choose?

Man: She is vegetarian and does not eat chicken.

Cook:And what does your animal eat?

Woman: My bear likes lemon.

Cook: Are you paying?

Man: No, I will not pay. Buy my child?


Yes - most of it is serious, but I thought it was funny to just have <random animal> eats <random food>.


It was more the last bit! *i am not paying, but you can buy my child if you want"

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