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Educator Wish List

We're dedicated to making the Dashboard experience better for you and your students. We've been speaking with teachers from all over the world to understand their needs, and we're quickly making improvements.

Something we're working on right now are visualizations that will help you understand your students' progress better. We'll keep you posted!

We'd love to hear your feedback on the Dashboard. How can we improve the experience? How are you currently using Duolingo in the classroom? Please let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. We'll make sure your feedback gets to the rest of the team.

Thank you!

February 13, 2015



I'm not an educator, but Usagiboy7 asked me to share my thoughts on a recent feature change that's currently being tested in response to requests such as this one.

This change (web_word_strength_xp_experiment) reduces XP awards for lessons and reviews based upon the current strength of the material being covered by the exercise. In its current form, the test affects all lessons and untimed practice exercises. Timed practices are not affected by the test. The number of incorrect answers during a lesson or a review do not affect the XP award given. The floor for XP awards seems to be 3 points for material that has strong strength ratings.

This approach is problematic for a number of reasons. First, because Duo sets a word to full strength after a practice whether the question is answered correctly or not (only the decay rate is adjusted accordingly), word strength is a poor indicator of how well a user knows a given word. When a user reviews material that he or she doesn't really understand well, it's likely, perhaps even probable, that those words will all have full strength even though the user is still struggling with them. This approach is punitive in the way affects such users. I've seen some users in this predicament say that after working through a review requiring 25+ questions to complete they're only "rewarded" with 3 points.

Additionally, this change negatively affects all users in the test group for the benefit of a handful teachers who are measuring their student's progress with the wrong metric, or worse, encouraging meaningless (XP is a measure of work performed, not of the quality of said work) XP races / challenges. Moreover, Duolingo's solution is lazy and ill-conceived; it disincentivizes review by every student affected by the test. Finally, it doesn't even address the problem because those students can still buy timed practice and churn out timed practices of Basics-1 for 20 points a pop every 2 minutes or so since timed practices are unaffected by this change.



Well said, Doug. I am an educator and I use DL in my courses; however, my grading rubric is set up so that it isn't much affected by repeated practice.

A further problem with this new "solution" is that timed practice is not affected, and that is the very task that my students use to gain a lot of XP's. I honestly don't have much of a problem with this, as once I projected the dashboard on the Smartboard (using the virtual curtain to cover usernames) and the class derided a user who had continually repeated basics 1. ;) I just commented that it was time the student picked a new skill to strengthen. And btw, I think repeating timed practice in any chosen skill until you are able to earn the full 20 points is an excellent way to really learn all the material. I often do it in Swedish (and that is probably why I am at a higher tier than anybody I've seen even though many people have already conquered the tree, while I'm only halfway there)...


When I look at my students' progress, I would like to choose the time period myself and make it as long as I like. Right now I can only choose predefined times (one week), but not two months together, for example.


I would like to see Latin. I teach the Gifted/Talented and science is a major part of our program.


It would be great to have online and printable quizzes and tests made using the DuoLingo curriculum to help assess students achievement and keep them accountable.


I would like to be able to edit the parameters of what a "week" is so I can track my student's progress from Saturday to Friday instead of ONLY Monday to Sunday (makes it difficult to have deadlines on a Friday).


I've been using Duolingo in my classroom for a while, and tracked the progress of my students by friending them, and they of course could see my foreign language progress. And I started setting up my Duolingo class as soon as it was made available.

Request: I'd like the ability to edit the dashboard, or at least add to it. Some of my students have chosen usernames that make it impossible for me to identify them. Next to the username, I'd like to be able to enter the student's name. Or even more generally, a category for "notes," with a small space assigned to each student on the list.

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