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Educator Wish List

We're dedicated to making the Dashboard experience better for you and your students. We've been speaking with teachers from all over the world to understand their needs, and we're quickly making improvements.

Something we're working on right now are visualizations that will help you understand your students' progress better. We'll keep you posted!

We'd love to hear your feedback on the Dashboard. How can we improve the experience? How are you currently using Duolingo in the classroom? Please let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. We'll make sure your feedback gets to the rest of the team.

Thank you!

February 13, 2015



When I look at my students' progress, I would like to choose the time period myself and make it as long as I like. Right now I can only choose predefined times (one week), but not two months together, for example.


I would like to see Latin. I teach the Gifted/Talented and science is a major part of our program.


It would be great to have online and printable quizzes and tests made using the DuoLingo curriculum to help assess students achievement and keep them accountable.


I would like to be able to edit the parameters of what a "week" is so I can track my student's progress from Saturday to Friday instead of ONLY Monday to Sunday (makes it difficult to have deadlines on a Friday).


I've been using Duolingo in my classroom for a while, and tracked the progress of my students by friending them, and they of course could see my foreign language progress. And I started setting up my Duolingo class as soon as it was made available.

Request: I'd like the ability to edit the dashboard, or at least add to it. Some of my students have chosen usernames that make it impossible for me to identify them. Next to the username, I'd like to be able to enter the student's name. Or even more generally, a category for "notes," with a small space assigned to each student on the list.


I'm so happy to hear about this new School dashboard feature!

I was wondering if there are plans in the future to make it possible to "assign" students specific lessons even if they should fall outside of where a student has progressed through the skill tree?

I'm thinking about how, e.g., in SPA 2, my students are learning the conditional right now. Some of them are still in SPA 1 or early SPA 2-level skills on the skill tree, but it would be super awesome for them to be able to practice this new structure through this interface they already know without having to do unit after unit after unit of study on Duolingo to get there.

What do others think of this idea?


I would also dearly love to be able to assign activities, or at least reorganize the tree to match where my students are at.

  1. A tutorial mode for teachers to test out the program before introducing it in the classroom

  2. Reading through others suggestions I agree hartily with:

  3. rewarding EFFORT and not just MASTERY
  4. finding a better way to measure student involvement (which lessons are they doing to get their xp? do they repeat basics 1 over and over? do they go ahead with other lessons? Are they redoing lessons they really need to practice again?) -- or giving teachers some control with students lessons xp. (being able to block certain lessons xp, or put a cieling on review xp each week -- or a cieling on new materiel for that matter, review is important!)
  5. educator goal set, and view of when students meet goal
  6. not showing my email address to invitees (teachers like their privacy, giving your email to potentially hundreds of teenagers is...not desirable!)
  7. ways to visualize the data collected about student progress individually, by class, by group (mastery, xp, progress, time passed on app...) BUT ALSO give students a way to visualize this information (graphs?) The tree is cool, but it isn't compact, concise...


Could you just use a work email account instead of your personal email account to invite students?


I don't have one at the school that I work at!


You can create your own for free through gmail, yahoo, etc and use it for all of your online school accounts.


What about access the dashboard through and app for tablets? Does that already exist?


I think this is ALMOST the perfect homework assignment... the only worries I have are if I assign students to complete 30 XP points a week... will they just do the "Basics" levels over and over? Can the classroom version somehow prevent this from happening?


I have had this problem in my class too. The only way I've found to get past students just doing the basics is to assign that they are passing new lessons and skills (which show up on the dashboard). Assigning XP requirements are kind of arbitrary I've found. Students don't necessarily move forward. There is no incentive to try harder lessons if XP is your goal. I now assign students to work 3-5 days a week, and pass a minimum of 5 new lessons a week. That way they keep moving forward. I don't track their XP at all.


I still love the dashboard and cannot thank you enough for providing this great tool! One question. Could we get the weekly reports to align with the same data that is shown on the dashboard? I'd like to be able to print weekly reports for my students, and throughout the week I am able to track their days active, lessons and skills passed. But when the weekly report is emailed to me on Mondays it has a different format. The weekly report doesn't show days active, or skills passed. It's just giving me individual lessons passed and XP. Right?


In my classes, I stress and incentivize golden trees and constant strengthening. I'm still hoping for some easy measure of this. My ideas include a stat on the dashboard on % of tree gold or percent of words strengthened. As of now, I have to open individual trees to see what's gold--takes lots of time.

Wondering what other people think of this.



I AGREE!!! I think that the strengthening lessons and the word/vocabulary practice are the most important features for mastery. I would like to see flash cards turned into a verbal test or be able to use with a mic instead of trusting the students to say if they got it right or wrong.


I want my dashboard to notify me if students turn their mics off. Please help me as an educator. I have some students who keep turning their mics off. I am monitoring them closely but I want my students speaking Spanish and not just typing it. I love DuoLingo and think it is hands down one of the best foreign language teaching tools!


Hi there, sometimes the mics stop working properly. When that happens, students will need to update their flash to get it working again. If that doesn't fix it, they will need to turn off the mic. (Just some thoughts on might be happening.)

I've personally found the mics clunky enough that I have mine permanently turned off and have just committed to saying everything out loud. This gives me more practice. Maybe you could have them practice saying everything out loud regardless? Either way, good luck and thanks for leaving a suggestion for Duolingo! :)


Thanks! I have my students using google chrome as their browser. They are also using apple earbuds as a built in mic. The audio works 99% of the time for me. The students who are turning the mics off are trying to take the easy way out IMHO. When I check their computers, their mics are working every time. I have a rule where if you can't get the mic to function after 5 tries you can skip it and move on.
I just want my students speaking Spanish and pronouncing it correctly. I'd also encourage anyone who wants to learn a FL to speak it as much as possible. You will learn it a million times more if you speak it (in addition to writing it).


As educators I believe it is important to be able to manage the profile setting, I have this problem student will turn off the mic to take the easy way out. This is difficult to monitor and If we were able to freeze certain aspects of an account it would be a lot easier.



When I want to know a student's Level I go from the dashboard to the student by clicking on their icon: then, going back to the dashboard, I then must re-enter the section and language I'm checking...a bit tedious when I'm trying to check a whole class-worth of children. I would like to see their Level and also the number of words known at a glance from the dashboard. Days active is useful-ish but even better would be most recent active day. Students off the boil are the ones needing encouragement. I feel I should be able to message all my students with one message at once - say to announce a prize.


Absolutely we need the ability to see the students' level right on the dashboard! Such an unnecessary annoyance!!


I teach 9-12th grade French, and I assign the entire French skill tree as summer homework for my incoming AP students, so that they review grammar while they are out of school and we can focus on more AP topics during the school year. One thing I'd love to see is the ability for teachers to leave comments for students they are tracking on the Dashboard. This would be especially helpful for my students doing summer work; since I don't see them over the summer, it would be nice to be able to comment on their progress. I imagine this would be helpful during the school year, as well.


Have you tried using the social functions to do this? If you click on the student's profile you can "like" or comment on their progress like anyone else


As I teacher, assigning lists of vocabulary or unlocking a certain level for a student in your class would be very helpful.



I learned recently that Duolingo was going to eliminate the "immersion" function, as it is no longer part of the business model.

While I understand that it may no longer be a key element of the strategy, I feel this is a shame, as the translation elements are actually a really important tool in keeping more advanced learners engaged while their peers complete the skills tree.

Would it be possible to keep this feature as part of the classroom, with teachers assigning pages for peer translation only in a specific group? In an ideal world, it would be wonderful if this was available on the mobile app as well, although I understand that this might be a little difficult technically.

I'd also like to say well done for the assignments function - I grade my students on participation, but use the assignments to set out a recommended speed of progress that helps establish clear expectations.


Oh NO! I so agree with you! The immersion section IS really important for more advanced learners. I hope that DuoLingo at least keeps this as an option for the classroom!


Thank you Kristine! I already posted a list in the Duolingo Educator's announcement discussion. Should import it? Looking forward to reading input from other educators as well! :)


You can add your ideas! We're looking for some feedback from educators using the Dashboard in their classroom too.


Ok, will do! I am a TA and a tutor. The teacher and I are looking forward to the JP for EN entering and hatching from the Incubator so we can introduce the students to Duolingo. It's so great getting to follow along and learn how to use all of this in advance. :)


I'm still playing catch up from being out of town. My original list of suggestions can be found, near top of comments HERE. Some of it is a little outdated by now.

Here is a screenshot of that list. A bit lazy but I'm swamped and tuckered out at the moment. ^^; I'll eventually edit to weed out anything that has already been updated. :)

Larger image click HERE
School Feature list of suggestions


Thanks, Usagiboy7 :D


That is awesome! :D


I'm not an educator, but Usagiboy7 asked me to share my thoughts on a recent feature change that's currently being tested in response to requests such as this one.

This change (web_word_strength_xp_experiment) reduces XP awards for lessons and reviews based upon the current strength of the material being covered by the exercise. In its current form, the test affects all lessons and untimed practice exercises. Timed practices are not affected by the test. The number of incorrect answers during a lesson or a review do not affect the XP award given. The floor for XP awards seems to be 3 points for material that has strong strength ratings.

This approach is problematic for a number of reasons. First, because Duo sets a word to full strength after a practice whether the question is answered correctly or not (only the decay rate is adjusted accordingly), word strength is a poor indicator of how well a user knows a given word. When a user reviews material that he or she doesn't really understand well, it's likely, perhaps even probable, that those words will all have full strength even though the user is still struggling with them. This approach is punitive in the way affects such users. I've seen some users in this predicament say that after working through a review requiring 25+ questions to complete they're only "rewarded" with 3 points.

Additionally, this change negatively affects all users in the test group for the benefit of a handful teachers who are measuring their student's progress with the wrong metric, or worse, encouraging meaningless (XP is a measure of work performed, not of the quality of said work) XP races / challenges. Moreover, Duolingo's solution is lazy and ill-conceived; it disincentivizes review by every student affected by the test. Finally, it doesn't even address the problem because those students can still buy timed practice and churn out timed practices of Basics-1 for 20 points a pop every 2 minutes or so since timed practices are unaffected by this change.



Well said, Doug. I am an educator and I use DL in my courses; however, my grading rubric is set up so that it isn't much affected by repeated practice.

A further problem with this new "solution" is that timed practice is not affected, and that is the very task that my students use to gain a lot of XP's. I honestly don't have much of a problem with this, as once I projected the dashboard on the Smartboard (using the virtual curtain to cover usernames) and the class derided a user who had continually repeated basics 1. ;) I just commented that it was time the student picked a new skill to strengthen. And btw, I think repeating timed practice in any chosen skill until you are able to earn the full 20 points is an excellent way to really learn all the material. I often do it in Swedish (and that is probably why I am at a higher tier than anybody I've seen even though many people have already conquered the tree, while I'm only halfway there)...


I teach Spanish and use the Duolingo program as homework practice for my students, 5th-9th grades. I would love to be able to see my students' word count on the weekly report.

Also, many of my students are discouraged and feel like "it's not worth it" to try harder lessons since the program only tracks skills completed, not tracking practice without mastery. It would be nice to find a way to recognize effort toward completing skills along the way. It is VERY discouraging for students to make it most of the way through a skill/lesson and not quite pass and have nothing show up on my end of the dashboard for their practice. Sometimes they spend up to 20-30 minutes trying to pass a skill without success and they have to ask me to trust that they did their homework since I see nothing on my end.


I agree with you here. I have had the same problems.


I'm really excited about the Dashboard and I agree with JessyLamme on those great suggestions. One I think is work another mention is giving teachers the option to turn off or block some content. Thus far I cannot use Duolingo in my school because students learn "beer" and "wine"; I teach 3rd -5th graders. Can you help?


The presence of content inappropriate for young children is all that's still holding me back from using this with my 4th and 5th grade students. In the French tree, along with beer and wine, they'd also be exposed to naked waitresses and phrases concerning death and dying that could be problematic.


Hmmm...I really appreciate the heads-up! I just started my grade 3/4 class on duolingo french as a test for next year's french. Now I am concerned, however. Do you know at what lessons/levels this becomes a problem? Does anyone know if a fix is in the works for these mature content issues?


I'm fairly certain the naked waitresses showed up when I got to occupations. I don't recall when death made its first appearance, but I'm about half way up the tree and death and dying have been around for a while now.

Unfortunately, I rather think that there will be no "fix" for this. Unless there is some way to allow individual users to opt out of specific vocabulary, I don't see any good solution. As I see it, if Duo started eliminating vocabulary every time someone objected to a word or phrase, pretty soon there'd be nothing left to work with. You might be surprised at some of the seemingly innocuous words and phrases I've seen people objecting to in the past.

Although it's disappointing that whoever developed the French tree included adult concepts and situations, I'm fairly certain that they didn't have nine year olds in mind as their target audience. As I understand it, the original purpose of Duolingo was to help people learn new languages so that they could help to translate the web and make information more accessible. For that purpose, it remains a spectacular tool. I'll certainly keep using it for my own language development.

As a teacher, though, I won't be using this with my young students. While it may be appropriate as a drill and practice tool for high school students, it would require fairly significant adaptations to bring the vocabulary and concepts into line with what would be appropriate in primary grades. So I'll keep "Duolingo for primary grades" on my wish list and if it ever happens, I'll be thrilled...but I'm not going to hold my breath.


I have the same concern as well! Can we bring some attention to this please?


This is available, you can hide certain content from younger children:


Can you add a way for me to invite another teacher to see the dashboard and get the updates? I co-teach the class and it would be great if both of us could see everything with out own log ins. Also, is there a way for us to be told how much longer the students have to complete their program? Meaning..it says they are on level 5..how do I know how many levels do they have left? Thank you!


This is actually a really good point - I have quite a few classes where the students have two foreign languages, and it'd be really nice to have them be able to share their progress with two teachers.


I require my students to complete a specific amount of lessons each class period (this year it has been 4, but I am looking at making it either 6 or 8 next year). I also require that they maintain all of their completed exercises gilded. This helps to push them along as well as helping them remember what they have learned.

I would like to see the circles on the dashboard match the gilding of the students' exercises. That is, if an exercise is gilded by the student, the checkmark should be colored gold in the dashboard. If the exercise has been de-gilded (it needs words to be strengthened), then it would be the green checkmark.

I would also like to see some indication in the dashboard of the lesson was completed without the microphone and/or sound turned on. I have most of my students who work the exercises without either one, and I would like to then require them to go back and redo those lessons. I can keep track of it slightly in class, however I have no control outside of my classroom.

The same thing would be nice for the new flashcard feature. I would like to know if my students just flipped through the flashcards without learning anything (my assumption there) or if they strengthened their skills through the practice (which would include using the microphone and sound).


I would also love to be able to see if students' lessons are gilded! As it is now, I have to physically walk around the lab, look at each student's tree since there's no where for me to see this on my dashboard, and then record the gilded lessons on paper. It'd be great if I could see a total percentage of gilded lessons. This is how I'm awarding credit, which I have to hand figure for each student individually. Even just seeing the gilding would help, though, since I could do it outside of class instead of walking around trying to get to everyone at a point where they won't lose any lesson progress within the 42 minutes I have during a class period.


I am a Spanish teacher and I use Dashboard regularly as more of an additional activity. My curriculum doesn't match up exactly with Duolingo's. I would love the ability to change lesson order for my students. It would be FANTASTIC if I could assign specific lessons to specific students that I have set up in my different sections. This would be an absolute dream come true! Love it though, thank you for making it available to us to use as educators.


I'm absolutely with you here. My curriculum doesn't match up exactly with Duolingo's either (English from German), and unlocking and assigning specific lessons would be great.


While unlocking the lessons WOULD be a nice feature sometimes (to have students practice something we'd specifically done in class, etc.), I've found that students working at their own pace through the tree has still greatly benefited us in the classroom. When I've teach topics in the classroom, some students have already had some experience with them in DL. We are then able to refine that information which is then being reinforced in the classroom instruction.

More than any other benefit, for me at least, is how I can use DuoLingo as a motivational tool for PRACTICE. I've found that the order of lessons don't really matter in the long run (at least for me and my students). It has all seemed to work out in the end, even if my curriculum doesn't exactly line up. What I'm finding is that students ARE moving vocabulary (both what I have taught them and what they've only seen through DL) into long term memory. THAT'S the most helpful thing I've seen so far! They have a more solid vocabulary that we can then use to flesh out or build on when we get to more complex language or grammar structures.

I've also found that, even if something varies from the order of my own curriculum, it's worked out just fine. I used to worry about this, even before I used this program (about introducing word "A" before word "B" so that students wouldn't get "confused," but I've honestly seen nothing of the sort with my kids! It's only given them more confidence because they have been exposed to words that they wouldn't have been in just my classroom, at a pace and intensity that THEY have chosen.

Incidentally, this has been true with grammar structure as well. Students could ask for help at the point of confusion when we're in the lab. I've been able to explain to the degree necessary for them to continue, which has worked out really, really well for the "big picture". So, for me, the fact that we can't "unlock" particular lessons really isn't that big of an issue. I've been satisfied with letting students direct their own pace and build their vocabularies in a better, more long-lasting way.

So, even if unlocking lessons is never a possibility, I'm still thrilled with the benefits I'm seeing in my own classroom.


I would like to be able to easily award Lingots to my students, even if they come from my own stash. Right now the only way I can see to give Lingots is through posts on the discussion forum.

Also, is it possible to set up a discussion forum for my class?


I have not been getting the "weekly email updates" that I've read about. I DO receive other email from DuoLingo, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. Do I need to sign up for that someplace? I can't find anything about it anywhere.

One of my had a suggestion that I think is great! He wants to be able to replay his OWN speech to compare it to the one he's graded against. We, as long-time language learners, may have already developed an ear to do this. Beginning language learners could benefit from a more detached, objective assessment -- rather than relying solely on their still-developing ear.

I would also love to see my students' LEVELS on the progress tree. I have decided to award extra credit points whenever a student "levels up". I'm having to individually open their profiles and see for myself. While I LOVE the XP points, and am also giving extra credit for this, as well the level increases shows me that they are PROGRESSING and not just previously-learned refreshing skills.


Regarding levels, agreed and requested as well!


I'm a tutor and I'm not sure if anyone else has said this yet and I don't have time to search for it because I'm on my way to class, but I'd like to be able to see individual strengths of the people I'm tutoring so like if they all seem to have trouble with adverbs for example, I can see their strengths on it and I know that maybe I should focus more on those sections next time I'm tutoring them.


Love Duolingo! I reward my students for achieving levels. I did this before DuoLingo for Schools came around and I'm really happy about DuoLingo for Schools, but there is still no quick or easy way to see a user's level.
As in the past, I have to individually click on a student in my leaderboard to open their profile and then see their level. Then I have to return to my home page and click on the next student, etc.
In DuoLingo for schools even this workaround is not available. I can see a list of their XP and Skills, but not levels. And clicking on a student does not bring me anywhere to see their level, either.
Please DuoLingo, can you make a user's level readily available and visible? Thank you!


I have requested the same thing, which you commented on previously. It seems like this should be an easy "fix" since we already have the screen showing XP and Skills. Those are great, but the levels show us how students are PROGRESSING. Hopefully they'll listen to us and incorporate this soon. It's such a pain to do this the way we have to now.


Yes, SraSimsNHS I wonder at this as well - such a simple identifier already listed elsewhere, why the level of the user is not displayed (or cannot be displayed) along with the XP and Skills is really perplexing.


I went to the application page to offer the following suggestions, which are about methodology, rather than bells and whistles.

I'd love to see the one change that would make this stand out among all the other online systems: storytelling. If you've researched language acquisition lately, you know that learning language in context is what makes it stick forever. (My students remember how to say "in the forest" in Russian after I've told them the story of Masha and the bear, from the cartoons.)

It would be tricky, but if you could engineer a story that grew over time from the alphabet unit with Dima and Tim and Tom, perhaps making food or getting into trouble with their mom, maybe even growing up over time and learning to drive and later to be in college discussing philosophy, this would add to the obsession with this app. Students would not only want to see whether they got things right, but they'd want to learn the rest of the story as well.

As a high school teacher, I'd personally appreciate it if subjects like alcohol and smoking were given wide berth until the highest levels. There could be a hint or a question in the food section, where mom or the teacher asks whether someone had beer at the party...and Tim answers of course not...

A similar topic, but even more difficult to fix after the fact, would be the idea of focusing on higher-frequency vocabulary in the lower levels. There are blog posts out there about the "super 7" verbs that account for almost everything people really need to say. My classes focus on 16 highly-used verbs, in all tenses, and both aspects in Russian, for at least the first two years. If learners acquire those, they are able to be very powerful users of second languages, and can acquire other vocabulary faster because the main building blocks are there. Using as many verbs as the current program does, as well as a lot of less-frequently used nouns, lessens the impact of early acquisition.

I know it's very time consuming, and a lot of work to even consider these changes, but think of the outcome! I suspect that, given the go-ahead, a lot of TPRS/CI teachers would help work on story lines.


I don't know if this is on the wishlist yet or not but I am requesting a new/added section to the Spanish for English speakers section. I am currently teaching imperative (formal and informal commands, regular and irregular). Would it be possible to have this added? I know as a teacher and a parent teaching their child Spanish, the imperative is used often enough and I think would make a great addition to the section! Gracias!


I appreciate how the assignments section of the classroom has been developed this year. I have several requests for consideration:

  1. Implement export by spreadsheet of data from Assignments. At a minimum, Complete/Late/Incomplete stats. Ideally, those stats plus student performance on the specific sections assigned for the classroom.

  2. Allow creation of master assignment lists, which can be tailored to particular classroom syllabi and saved for re-use.

  3. For students who are members of a classroom, it would be very useful to have an additional page (perhaps in account settings?) from which students could access assignments and check the progress or status of current assignments.



I would love to be able to assign stories to my students. Is this a feature under consideration? Or is it already available and I am unaware?


Thank you for making this app available for educators. I'm trying it out for the first time with my French classes in our high school. When I first signed up the weekly reports showed me how many days they had been on the app and an general view of their progress and allowed me to click on an eye icon to see more details. Now it comes up with the details on every student and is too much for me to weed through at one time. I definitely liked the general view first. Is there any way for me to choose that option again?


General comment: any way Duolingo can update it's font so capital i's don't look like lowercase L's? Seems like an unnecessary point of confusion for lots at times.



It would be awesome if we could see fine-grained student work, à la Khan Academy. That way I could look at how a student has spent the last day on Duolingo and see exactly what questions they've attempted and what their answers were, enabling me to see if there are grammar issues the student is struggling with that I can help them with.

Also, I'd love it if Duolingo offered Chinese...


I'm not sure if this is already possible. But I would like a way to modify sections, or the order the tree is learnt in, to better suit how I teach the language. Much of the vocabulary in later sections, the students already know, but they are unable to access this as they are yet to learn the vocabulary towards the start of the tree. Thanks.


I would love to have a possibility to set up 'pen pals' for my class. And, it would be nice to have more stuff to buy in the lingot store. My kids love the golden track suit! Thanks for a great product, tinavienna


I have two questions and one suggestion:

Are other ELL educators seeing the potential for using Duolingo English instruction? My first challenge was that once the student selected their first language for the sign up, I could no longer coach them on what to enter and where because I cannot read their native language.

I can't find any age limit information in the privacy policy or TOU. Does anyone know if under 13 users are allowed to sign up?

I wish English was listed in the first list of "I want to learn......".
Thank you!


I have a native Spanish speaker who is working on English while my other students work on Spanish. It's been GREAT for her language advancement. In fact, she's worked well ahead of my Spanish students. It's supported her language acquisition in other areas (courses) as well. So, my vote is YES! Use it. It's helped. Unfortunately, I cannot offer any suggestions on not being able to read the "First Language to English" version of DuoLingo. You might consider copying and pasting text into Google translate. I found that once I explained the basic functions after we got signed in, she took off on her own with little additional input from me. She's a teenager at the high school level who is fairly tech savvy, though. I'm sure that younger kids or kids with little or no technology background would pose a much more difficult scenario.


Getting Students into Dashboard Classes - As always... THANK YOU for the resource. To make things easier for teachers/schools, it would be helpful to have a URL to provide students that will put them in a school - For example:

This type of URL would make it possible to send a message to students that say: "Click on this link to join the class, and I will be able to track your progress." Right now, we have to guide them through the process of going to My Profile > Settings > Progress Sharing AND then they have to enter the correct school and email to get linked to the class.

Is there an easy way to get people into the class?

Thanks ~ Michael


Hey Michael,

This feature actually exists already! If you click into one of your sections/classrooms, click the button that says "Invite Students." A screen will pop up with a link that you can send out to your students. When the students click on that link, it will add them to that section!



In order to document my lesson plans for the upcoming year and to plan my grade book, I need to know how many skill levels and lessons are available for different courses. How many skill levels are there for each language? How many lessons are there for each language? Does the order of skill levels change for every language? I would love access to a printable layout of the skills tree for each language course. Sort of like an index to lessons or a scope and sequence.


We have added this functionality, you can now, as a teacher, preview what skills and vocabulary are coming up.


I would love to have the option to add students to my DuoLingo classroom without them having to register with their own e-mail address. I work in a middle school, and all of my students have school e-mail addresses, but because of privacy settings, they cannot receive mail from e-mail addresses outside of our school's network. Since my students are English language learners, they often make the mistake of accidentally changing their password (or another student changes their password when they forget to log off). The "forgot my password" feature doesn't work because they can't actually receive the reset e-mail from DuoLingo. If I could have full control of my students' accounts, I could reset their passwords for them. Instead, many students have had to start back at the very beginning of their tree, which has discouraged them from continuing to use the program. I think a lot of educators will have similar problems.

Being able to register students myself from the dashboard screen would also do a lot to speed things up when I have new students join my class. Please add this feature if you can!


We are looking in to alternatives for teachers in your situation. For now, you can use the workaround. I hope it helps!


I use the program in my classroom and would like to turn student messaging off while they practice their skills then turn it back on when needed. Is there a way to do that?


Yes, you can turn them off whenever you like. Follow these instructions -- activity stream is what you want to turn off.


Hi! Organizing regional/world wide contests between Duolingo users could be a very interesting feature to add to Duolingo for Schools.


I've recently introduced my class (7th grade Englisch from German) to Duolingo and the students find it very motivating. We've done classroom practise together and it was a lot of fun, although far too easy still, since some of them are still in the first levels. So here are my questions: 1) Is it possible for me to select a certain skill, say "relative pronouns" from the buttons for classroom practise? If it's not possible yet, is that something you could incorporate? It would enable educators to more specifically use Duolingo in practising current grammar topics in their classroom. 2) Can I assign homework? It would be very useful if I could assign a certain skill to each pupil individually for homework, so that they could see that when they log in and would have to do that first. Thanks for your help!


Classroom practice is based on the average level of your current students in that classroom. If you like, you could project the preview lessons you get on the curriculum preview page (in your classroom, it should be on the menu to the left). And yes, now you can assign homework! You can tell students to reach a skill or you can tell them to earn a certain amount of XP (so that they each can work on their own level).


I need to know how to calculate a mastery % from each lesson completed. In the progress details, it only states the actual lessons completed but doesn't show the % correct. Also, I need to know what the XP points mean as far as a % grade.


Any chance we can link certain assignments to multiple classes without merging classes?


Interesting. How would it ideally look like to you? I'd like to know how you envision it and why it would be useful to you? Thanks!


Hi Vivisaurus, is this question of yours for SraSimsNHS? or DanielaDeS229433? Thanks!


Many of my students use Android devices and aren't able to see what points they are earning each day. They would like to be able to see how close they are to the required weekly 50 points requirement.


Is there a way to create accounts for students? I thought I could just use my email address for theirs and create unique usernames for the students. I have a class of second graders and they do not have their own email address yet, it would be nice to just have a code they can log in with and a password that I can keep track of.


I don't think so. However, the one-time effort of going through account opening and login with the younger ones, helps as they will know how it works for the next time. Typically with 6 or 6 yr olds I find the first 2 or 3 logins are difficult but after that they manage well. make sure they upload an avatar picture asap so that they know it's their own account they're working on.



I'm the languages coordinator at a community college in France, and we're getting into Duolingo in a big way. The tool is generally great, but there are two things I'd like to point out;

  • I've mentioned this before, but the fact that the "immersion" function isn't necessarily available for all students is becoming a bit of an issue, as we have more and more students who are using Duolingo over a long time and are finishing the skills progression. Either having all students being able to access the "immersion" function, or being able to publish texts to specific classes (if possible with an email reminder when texts approach completion so instructors can add extra texts) would be really excellent in terms of keeping more advanced students motivated.

It would be an amazing bonus if there was a way to have the translations available on the mobile application, but if I understand correctly this is difficult from a technical point of view.

  • Only having one instructor per group is also a little difficult, as many of our students do two foreign languages, and it's important for both teachers to have access to their statistics for grading purposes. So far we've tried having multiple student profiles and forwarding the email reports, but both are scrappy workarounds. Would it be possible either to have multiple instructors, or a "share group" function allowing another teacher to at least access the group's stats?

In any case, as ever thank you very much for all the hard work, and be assured your creation is really helping students that didn't feel at all confident in foreign languages before.

All the best

[deactivated user]

    I'm using Duolingo to help with French this year and I'm loving it! At least once a week we do a whole class activity and it's amazing to see how fast they're catching on to phrases and everything. The one thing I'd really like to see added is a way for teachers to print out and re-print student passwords and usernames. Now there really might be something that can do that already... But I'm having a lot of trouble finding it, if there is. My email was hacked and I lost the original email containing their information. I'd love to be able to go in and just re-print them as needed.


    I love, love, love the new Chatbot feature in the iOS app, however, the points that students receive from it aren't showing up in the points that we see as teachers. I really hope that this is a feature that is being worked on to be corrected.


    I wish multiple teachers could be added. In many schools, there is usually a 'Head of Languages' who should be able to access classes too.


    This may have already been said, but I would love to be able to assign only specific content to students while blocking other assignments. I have a student who is going ahead which in some ways it is fine, because I want him to learn but he is confusing the other students. I want to be able to turn off some of the more advanced tenses until we get there.


    Make DuoLingo to where teachers can control student options an NOT have the ability to turn off the mic or change their language. Also, It would be great if there was a way to have an actual grade fore students.

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