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New languages

Do you know which languages they'll be supporting next? I'm learning Swedish and it'd be great to learn it here :)

November 29, 2012



Russian and Arabic would be GREAT!!!


I'd love to learn Russian on Duolingo!


I hear Italian is coming next, then probably Chinese and Japanese. Hm I haven't heard anything about Swedish, but I know they are interested in romance languages so those may take first priority after Chinese and Japanese.


Italian probably


Does anyone have any idea when Italian is going to be added? I'm going back to Italy next summer after a trip last July and would really like to be able to communicate more than just being able to buy lunch.


I would love romanian


I have full novels in romanian in PDF format.I can send them you by e-mail,if you want


plz upload italian soon!!! im going to italy in febuary and need to start practicing soon!!


I'm learning French now with Duolingo - but also wanted Japanese! Would love it if Japanese were added. I'd love to be able to practice all the characters in Japanese in the same way I'm learning phrases in Duolingo!


Want russian too!


Ooh! Swedish wold be fun! :D I'm learning Norwegian and would love to see that!


I wish they would add catalan. I'm learning it with another method but that one is way better.


I would love to learn Swedish using DuoLingo!


Russian and Romanian. I am from Romania so I would love to learn my countries language. Russian I am trying to learn off Google Translate but that is a pain. I think Duolingo would do a great job in supplying these languages. I think Russian would be hard because we would have to learn an entire new alphabet but seeing how good Duolingo is at teaching languages shows me that they won't have a problem. :)


Hi there! i'd like to learn Japanese :) also will be great Malay. Are there specific deadlines at least for the Japanese language?

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