"Lådorna står i hyllan."

Translation:The boxes are on the shelf.

February 13, 2015

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varfor inte "på" men "i" hyllan?


Both work, it depends on whether you consider them to be 'inside' the shelf or 'on top of' it. Like, if it's on a single shelf on the wall it will be , but if it's 'inside' a bookshelf with sides, we'll say i.


You are so great at explaining man. Respect


Would "ligger" work instead of "står"?


No, boxes are considered to be standing.


Is that the same for most objects?


Well, it depends. Things can stand, lie or sit in Swedish. Generally things in upright position will be standning, lying position will be lying and things 'stuck' onto something will be sitting.

But it doesn't have be object-specific. There is a difference between saying boken står på bordet and boken ligger på bordet, since it will then be standing or lying on the table.


If I don't know, and I replace ligger/står/sitter with a simple "är", is that OK or does it display my ignorance?


Could you please give me an example of a "sitting object"? Or, since you said it's not object-specific, a situation in which an object would be sitting on something rather than standing?

  • Brandvarnaren sitter i taket. ("The fire-alarm is on the ceiling")
  • Hyllan sitter på väggen ("The shelf is on the wall")
  • Sladden sitter i eluttaget ("The cable is in the wall socket")

Hopefully that'll clarify it a little.


I used "stor" instead of "står" in listening exercise and it was marked as a typo. Actually, it was, but I believe it should've been marked as a mistake since it completely changes the meaning and makes the whole phrase grammatically wrong.


I thought the same thing the first time i skipped the listening exercise. First timer thing, i suppose.


Arnauti you said that if it's inside its "i" and if on its på.. so why is the translation saying on? Står i hyllan = stands in the shelf.


English isn't as picky as Swedish on what preposition to use here.


I skipped this listening exercise and it says the answer is "They will be back in 1 hour". I think it is a bug. (The speaker says Lådorna står i hyllan)


No, since you skipped, the app informs you it will turn listening on again in an hour. It's not supposed to be a translation :)


Ouch. I hope this was something temporary.

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