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Never ending lesson!

Just completed lesson 2 of Colors in German. I had every question pop up at least four times! I have a screen shot showing the green bar filling up and it's at level 90. It finally allowed me to complete at 93.

February 13, 2015



I'm having the same problem with French Objects lesson 5. Currently at 157 questions and the bar is filling up much slower than normal so its still less than half full. :(


If you get some wrong, the bar will loose progress. Maybe you want to restart?


I'm not getting any wrong at this point I've had the same sentences over and over. It's definitely going slower than normal, I've been doing French lessons for 13 levels.


The issue seems to have resolved itself.


Happy for you! :D


Netherfire is describing exactly the experience I had. I barely missed any and the bar was hardly progressing. Somehow I've been able to get to level 9 German and Spanish without having had this experience yet.


The same happened to me today with Italian: the lesson (adjectives, 5/8) was extremely long, with nearly 60 questions, many of them repeated three or four times.


Same here with German People 3/6. I was on question 110 when it finally allowed me to finish... It was a torture... the exact same questions over and over again and I couldn't give up because midnight is near and I didn't want to break my streak because of a bug! This was a challenge indeed.


I have had the same problem with Dates and Times in German, lesson 2 out of 9 and am relieved to hear that I am not the only one. I think we should get quadruple points for a lesson that takes four times as long as usual! I have reported this, because I have never experienced it before and thought it was a fault in the system. Or is this what happens when you get to the higher levels? I've just reached level 14. If they don't sort it out I may quit, because I also kept being asked the same questions and could have done with the opportunity to progress, like before. I know a certain amount of German already, as I did it at school, so I'm brushing up.

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