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"Vamos nos preparar para algum divertimento."

Translation:Let's get ready for some fun.

August 13, 2013



'Lets" is incorrect. lt needs to be "let's" which is an abreviation for "let us". Therefore "let us" is correct

[deactivated user]

    Do Brazilians really use the sentence, or is it just a translation of the English ?


    We don't. This sentence sounds very unnatural to me, as a native speaker.


    Not really.. seems fony to say it like that. The closer I can think is Vamos nos preparar para se divertir. But we would use something more specific, like para sair (go out), para ir no cinema (go to the movies). Nos preparar would also be more specific, like nos vestir/arrumar (get dressed).


    Not really. Unless I never heard someone saying that


    Would this still have the same meaning if you said "Vamos preparar para algum divertimento"?


    No,that's because you get "yourself (oneself) ready" for something, so we use the reflexive pronoun...


    The ch sounds like sh (sound of first t....in divertimento) here....

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