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  5. "Kocken läser tidningen."

"Kocken läser tidningen."

Translation:The cook is reading the newspaper.

February 14, 2015



Who else translated the sentence first with "The cock reads the newspaper?" :D


Every damn time I write cock first. shakes fist at freud


Isnt the cook suppose to ne cooking?


How do you say chef.. more professional cook ?


We don't really have a special word for chef, so that is also an accepted translation into English.


Hi, I translated Kocken laser tidningen as "The cook studies the newspaper" and got it wrong. Is this not valid or did the Duolingo team miss something?


If you study the newspaper rather than read it, that means you read (or examine) the paper more closely than if you just read it. In fact we say it in exactly the same way in Swedish: Kocken studerar tidningen.


What I know we usually use Läser as the term Study if it has an educational meaning,, like Study at university,, Läser på universitet, or Study biologi,, Läser biologi. I don't know anyone who study an paper ) only Läser as Reading if it is to casual read something, like a paper, magazine, comic book etc.


Hiw is the "dn" supposed to be pronounded in tidningen?

It sounds kind of like tyaningen


I think it's pronounced teed-ning-en. Hopefully someone can confirm this or post the correct way if I'm wrong. :)


'teed-ning-en' looks right to me.

Edit to add: (and my Swedish husband agrees :) )


Why 'newspaper' looks almost the same as 'meal': tidning-måltidning? Make no sense to me XD


??? Meal is måltid not måltidning


wrll thats one intelligent cook


Should it not be clarified that "The paper" is just Tidningen?? The NEWSpaper is Nyhetstidningen. If there is no news in it, it is not a Newspaper in swedish as far as I know as a swede,, it can be any kind of informal paper, scientific paper or anything else that does not contain the daily news. Maybe a bit confusing for learners if someone is reading anything,, like the tv-guide and are learning to ask if they are reading the Newspaper? Well, the tv guide maybe don't exist as in paper format anymore,, but maybe reading Gula Tidningen,, the Yellow Paper,, (not to be confused with the Yellow Pages which is a telephone catalog),, which is just an paper full of classified ads,, not a newspaper of any kind.


Couldn't it be: the cook reads the newspaper?

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