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  5. "Han har mitt äpple."

"Han har mitt äpple."

Translation:He has my apple.

February 14, 2015



Pls giv it back I have children


Difference between mitt an min ?


You use "Mitt" with "Ett" words like "Ett äpple", and "Min" with "En" words, like "En bok".


Hi guys! I have a question. As a native Portuguese speaker, I'm used to say 'a minha' or 'o meu', which would be 'the my' in English. I wonder if this structure exists in Swedish. For example, can I say 'Han har mitt äpplet', or is it wrong?


That's a good question, and the answer is that we can't say that (just like they can't in English). You also can't have an indefinite article together with a possessive pronoun, like "a my apple". So with the possessive pronoun, only one version is possible: mitt äpple. From the point of view of the Swedish language, once you've classified something as 'mine' etc, you've answered the question of whether the thing is previously known (definite) or not.


In this case Norwegian bokmål is different from Swedish and Danish (Mit æble); normally you say Eplet mitt, although you can also say Mitt eple, but it is less usual.


The my em Inglês não existe. Artigo definido nunca vai junto o pronome possessivo. Somente o pronome possessivo. Ex: "My key" e nunca "The my key".


I sense the tragedy lurking behind the words


Is form "Han har min applet" correct?


No, I do not think so. Because äpple is an ett word, you need to have mitt, and äpplet translates to "The apple".


change with "han har inte mitt apple"

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