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  5. "You look like my brother."

"You look like my brother."

Translation:Du liknar min bror.

February 14, 2015



So is there any difference between "ser ut som" and "liknar"? Can they be used interchangeably?


ser ut som means 'looks like' and liknar means 'resembles'.
You can use either when you mean 'look like', but if you're really talking about having the same sort of personality for instance, obviously only the latter works.


Thanks! Again! You guys are amazing.


Curious why 'Du är lik min bror' was not accepted?


I also left this answer and it was not accepted?


What about "Ni liknar min bror" ?


Ni usually means several people, but I suppose it's possible several people look like your brother.


To be fair though, you could be talking to identical twins and ni would be appropriate. Due to the ambiguity of English they should just include both as correct by default (unless they start peppering the exercises with "y'all" "yunz" and "yous")


Yeah, it should be accepted everywhere, just report it whenever it isn't and we'll add it.


I thought it was also a politeness "you", just like the french "vous" and the german "Sie". Then I wonder why my answer didn't get accepted…


I am not a native and I'm only repeating what I've read on the forums, so I can't speak with authority, but using the plural you for a single person is considered very offensive and insulting by many Swedes. Apparently the practice is more accepted in Finland, but you're best to not use it that way as a precaution.


Why not "Du ser som din bror ut" when you can say "Du ser bra ut"


You mean ser ut som din bror -- but ser ut som means to look like in the sense of to appear to be in a particular way, not to resemble. Resemble is vara lik or att likna.


can 'liknar' also mean 'remind'? like, you remind me of my friend.


No, that'd be e.g. du påminner mig om...

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