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Looking for Native Swedish Speaking Friend

Had no luck on the Duolingo Swedish learner Facebook group, so I guess I'll post here...

I'm looking for a friend in my generation (13-20 roughly) to practice Swedish with (via Facebook message or something). When learning Dutch I already knew many native Dutch speakers and it really helped me, because I had to recall the words I needed in a relevant situation and I remembered them more easily.

I don't need you as a "language tutor" or as someone to teach my Swedish... That's what Duolingo is for. I am just looking for a friend who is a native Swedish speaker who I can chat with. This will help me learn Swedish much more quickly and easily!

At this point I won't be able to have a full-on conversation about anything, but after finishing the Dutch tree I could have a conversation about anything pretty much. So when I finish the Swedish try (in a few months) we'll be able to talk normally!

In exchange I can help you with your English, and if you are learning German I can help you with that. I've been learning it for four years and would say I'm proficient, but not fluent. I'm far above the level one reaches with Duolingo.

If you're interested, reply here / send me a Facebook friend request. :D

February 14, 2015



This would help me out a ton, truly, and I'd greatly appreciate your friendship. I've been searching every website I use high and low for a fluent Swedish speaker around my age to talk with, and have come up with nothing.

It would help me progress through the tree much more confidently & would motivate me to learn the grammar more quickly as well. I would definitely still talk to you after I finish the tree, probably more than I can at this point even. Once I finish the Swedish tree, I am going to intensely learn vocab/phrasing for German/Dutch/Swedish so that I am prepared to talk to easily talk with natives when I study abroad! :D


Why are there only 9,000,000 of you I'm actually going to cry.

If I can find one of you, I promise that when I come to Sweden I'll buy you anything you want at IKEA.


go to www.interpals.net , you may find awesome pals who speak swedish and any other langauge you want :)


UPDATE: I've made multiple Swedish friends, thanks for the recommendation. I shall give you lingots now. :D


you are welcome :)thank you too, i am glad to hear that


Thank you! I tried like WeSpeke and Speaky but they're so inactive and dead... I'll try interpals. Still looking for Sweden though.

I don't understand how I find like 32490983 friends from the Netherlands, and 0 friends from Sweden. They're so elusive. @_@


you are welcome. interpals is very active i guess even the largest penpal site, i even have found friends who have visited me here . so good luck to you. i have heard nordic people are a little bit cold, so it is hard to start conversation with them but they have the nicest societies ever...


The amount of people who post provocative pictures of themselves and are looking for a relationship on that site... LOOOOL. Sufficiently frightened. XD

Just gotta break the ICE I guess. ;D See what I did there huehuee.


Okay wait I swear this is a dating website, half the profiles are interested in a relationship and all the comments are like "Nice pic ;)" and "The beauty of Swedish boys" and "Cute!"

I feel like I signed up to be kidnapped and murdered? D:


hmmm there are people who are looking for these kind of things but, it is very possible to find normal people wanting to do friendship :) you just need to be patient :)


I messaged 13 Swedish people, half of which were online at the time I messaged them.

Are they supposed to message back? Does it tell them when they get a message? None of them messaged me back.

I wrote like 2 paragraphs to each of them and gave them my FB profile link because I didn't want to upload a picture of myself to that website so I put Doge. Everyone likes Doge.

Now I just have to wait and hope someone replies / I don't get abducted by someone who I can't fully understand yet.


there usually people dont reply people without any picture and they are getting awkward when at first message you offer Facebook link :) but yes sure they will get the notification when they reply and sometimes it takes them a while to respond, soo i hope it willl work for you...


I'm socially inept okay I didn't think the Facebook link was awkward. Lol. What should I say to them to get them to talk?

I just feel uncomfortable putting a profile picture there... I feel like a bunch of people would message me and be like "You're ugly but are you looking for a relationship?"

I just need to ease into the site a bit... One girl replied to me, but she said my Facebook link doesn't work. It definitely does. :[


I used interpals myself a couple of times and yes, there are a lot of strange people, but it is definitely possible to find normal people there. I never tried it with Swedes but I found a couple of nice Finns there! You just have to keep contacting people there (not the same one all the time obviously) and eventually one or two will answer. ;-) And Edwin is right, people are not likely to answer to someone who hasn't got a pic and is offering a link in his first message. Just write a nice short message, saying who you are, that you learn swedish and you'd like to practice. Oh and show some interest in them, show that you've read their profiles. Good luck!


Okay, thanks!

Looks like I might have to target Swedish-speaking Finns is Swedes are too shy. XD


Also it's so weird, all of them put their heights on there like it is a deal breaker of some sort for being friends with them... Opening line: "Hi I am a 17 year old guy from Sweden and I am 188cm tall. I'm very tall."


Well, I don't think Finns are more open than Swedes. All very calm people up there! ;-)


That moment when you read a comment chain from two years ago about needing a Swedish person and you feel their pain 2 years later. I need one too ;-;


Hi! I'm not sure if you're still looking but I'm an 18 year old Swede and I'd be happy to help!


Hi, i am not a native speaker, but i guess we could help us...!


I would be interested in, weather you found someone, here or in the linked sites, to learn with or not. I'd be happy to avoid as much imature dating nonsense as I can - well some of it might be mature even, but i wont want to care to much about that.

It is my first day of duolingo lessons where cat and dog food - property and consumption kicked in, which caused the giggles and made me find out about the threads here, and while I am searching for swedish language partners aswell, my situation is a bit different. I just passed me one of those so called "birthdays" and due to that I won't fit in your (roughly)generation no more. Also I am speaking tysk natively and I have to take the swedish course from an englishmans standpoint. It is surprisingly well working for most parts as of now - some topics like clothing though make me want to eat more chocolate then I ever should of . Out of depression, you know?

Well, I was reading some of your comments here and there about learning improvements, and philosophy and it got me interested - or it may just have been Doge, i have never learned to seperate that yet - however your coments here and there are the very reason why I actualy ask you, if you found anyone on those sites, as i thought I would most likely share your fate if I register to them aswell. So...?


Es ist wichtig, zumindest einen guten Kopfhörer zu haben finde ich :D dann kann man besser nachvollziehen wie Musik und Sprache eigentlich klingen sollten.

hej da


Ja ich hab gute Kopfhörer... Ich kann nicht Musik hören ohne Kopfhörer lol. xD

Und ja ich hab ein paar schwedische Freunde gemacht, aber ich kann mich nicht mit ihnen gut unterhalten... Ich kann wirklich fast kein Schwedisch, und das ärgert mich so viel. DX

Niederländisch war so einfach und ich dachte einfach "HEY das war ganz einfach, ich soll auch Schwedisch lernen! Das wäre auch ganz einfach" aber NE. ÜbERhAUpT NIChT EinFACh. Schwedische Sprache, schwere Sprache! XD

InterPals ist voll geil, du kannst das benutzen ohne flirten. Es gibt viele nette Menschen drauf. :D


I am looking for a native Swedish friend...

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