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mobile offline training

Hi guys, one thing i struggle with is when i want to practice in my phone and i can´t because there is no signal. Eg. im on the subway. It would be nice that the app downloads to the phone the level im at, for offline progress, and then sync when my cel is connected.

To be able to practice or get some progress offline would be great for the idle times in public transportation or anytime you have no signal and time to kill (instead of playing candy crush).

What do you think?

August 13, 2013



Good idea!

I have the same problem, so I end up wasting time that I could have spent learning.

It would also help with problems of internet connectivity or slow wifi connections, which I sometimes have, and it might reduce your phone bill if you connect via phone.


exactly, instead of losing time with a lame game

maybe a syc only with wifi option, and a way the game only downloads to your phone the level you are at, each level has 4 or 5 lessons, so you have a lot to practice and advance, when you pass to another level, the previous is deleted and only available when you re online


Zolfe, it seems this would be usefull only for us two...


There are many who are strangers to their own needs...


i know jaja, vote this topic up, so more people can see it

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