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"The girl thinks that the Christmas decorations are really beautiful."

Translation:Pigen synes at julepynten er virkelig smuk.

February 14, 2015



The Christmas decorations could be understood as Julpynten and the pural Julepynt.


If so , then would you write, julepynt er virkelige smukke'?


Pynt (in the meaning of 'decoration') doesn't have a plural form. You can only say "julepynten er virkelig smuk"
And if you had a plural, say "the girls", it would be "Pigerne er virkelig smukke." Adverbs don't have genders or numbers.


tror should definitely be accepted here


Maybe not. Since an opinion is being expressed in this sentence, "synes" looks like it should be the appropriate word here. "Tror" on the other hand is used when a sentence expresses a belief. Or at least, that's what Danish people have told me. Though I have to admit I'm not always entirely clear about the distinction between an opinion and a belief.


"Tror" would only work if she had no experiences with julepynt, more like "She thinks that Christmas decorations may be very pretty but she never saw any before".

In that case it's more likely that she already saw some julepynt before, hence "hun synes"

[deactivated user]

    Why can't I say ''rigtig smuk'' instead of ''virkelig smuk'' here?


    You could say "rigtig smuk" here as well. Would even sound a bit more natural to me.

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