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Irish noun genders

How do I know whether an Irish noun is masculine or feminine so that I can try to apply the rules that depend on this?

February 14, 2015



You only seem to know for sure how if you see an article in front of it....

I remember seeing something that gave you hints but for some reason never found it again =/ The only thing I recall was that words ending in ín are masculine. I think óg refers to feminine too but could be wrong on that.


Perhaps you’d seen the Acme™ declension guesser? (Its full discussion is here.)


It might (I hope it is) be but for some reason the link is being weird & won't show me anything =/


Thanks for the tips. So why don't they tell us the genders in the course when we learn the words?!


We want to do this, but this functionality (which is present in the French and German courses, for example) has not yet been implemented for the Incubator courses.


Thanks. Look forward to these features in Irish!


I don’t know — perhaps the thinking is that people will absorb the genders through exposure to the nouns’ usage in sentences. Are noun genders shown in the German and French courses?


Yes - in French and German you learn the noun with the (definite) article in front which shows the gender and you can also find out the gender by hovering the mouse pointer above the word.


Here's another resource that gives some rules-of-thumb. These kinds of things are helpful for guessing, but after a while you just learn the word in context and see how if mutates in different situations, i.e. being preceded by the definite article, how it changes in the genitive, srl.


if you use a website called: focal.ie, you can search any irish word and it will tell you its meaning and gender (the gender will have a number next to it between 1 and 5 but you do not need to worry about this. it tells you the declension it belongs to which is a agroup of nouns that are linked in some way shape or form however this is not nescesary to know)

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