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  5. "Nej, det er ikke vigtigt."

"Nej, det er ikke vigtigt."

Translation:No, it is not important.

February 14, 2015


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Another way to remember: "important" is wichtig in German and vigtig in Danish.


Hvad er ikke vigtigt? Nu vil jeg gerne vide det.


Wouldn't it also be correct to say "This is not important" instead of "That"?


Not with this translation. You could either say dette or det her for 'this'.


The first part of this word "vig-" is related to "to weigh".

What is important weighs something. Great logic! Same applies to German "wichtig".


Hopefully I'll remember the difference between rigtig and vigtig now.


Which version of vigtigt do I use in different sentences?


"Vigtig" if it's referring to a common noun (nouns ending in -en), for example "Katten er vigtig" and "Stolen er vigtig".

"Vigtigt" if it's referring to a neuter noun (nouns ending in -et), for example "Det er vigtigt" and "Spørgsmålet er vigtigt".

"Vigtige" if it's referring to a plural [noun], for example "De der mennesker er vigtige" (Those people are important" or "Kattene er vigtige".

However, it's always "vigtige"/the plural form of the adjective when you have "the [adjective] [noun]", like "den vigtige and" (the important duck) and "det vigtige svar" (the important answer). The same goes for possessives, like "sin vigtige cykel" or "sit vigtige ur".


Does anybody else just never hear when they say "er"

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