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  5. "The band has five members."

"The band has five members."

Translation:Bandet har fem medlemmar.

February 14, 2015



what is the difference between "ledamöter" and "medlemmar" in this case?


Ledamöter (sing. ledamot, en) are members of an elected assembly, a committee, or a board of a company/association or the like. Members of parliament are called ledamöter, for example. The word carries a strong degree of formality and implies responsibilities.

Medlemmar (sing. medlem, en) are members of quite much anything else. It could be of a football club, a philosophy group, a political party or a band. While it implies some sort of commitment or interest, it doesn't necessarily have to mean the member is very active.


I suppose "Bandet är fem stycka" means "There are five in the band", which has a slightly different meaning?

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