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  5. I finished my Swedish tree!


I finished my Swedish tree!


After about a month of serious Swedish, 66 skills, 6400 XP, 2361 words and 14 levels, I have finished my Swedish tree! This was such a cool tree (and really in depth, too). I really liked learning about Sweden along the way :D

What did I like?

The sentences in this course were so funny and I loved all the references to various things :) The course went really in-depth with Swedish grammar and it teaches more words than any of the other courses I've done.

My Favourites

Favourite sentences: Sänk temperaturen i bastun innan desvettas ihjäl! ("Reduce the temperature in the sauna before they sweat to death!"), Sverige, tolv poäng! ("Sweden, twelve points!") and Det norska trollet slog det svenska trollet i ansiktet ("The Norwegian troll hit the Swedish troll in the face")

Favourite skills: Spiritual and Supernatural, Celebrate


Now it's time to thank Team Swedish! Tack så mycket, Arnauti, Anrui, Lundgren8, Blehg, Zmrzlina och Anders91! You guys have made an awesome course :D (And can I just say how cool I think the Swedish golden owl looks?)

What now?

Now I will try my best to work towards level 25, I will try to finally finish my French tree, I will re-watch the first two seasons of Bron to put my Swedish to good use and I will wait patiently until Melodifestivalen!


February 14, 2015



Grattis! Have you seen Äkta Människor? It's my second favourite Swedish series after Bron and before Welcome to Sweden.


Tack! I haven't heard of Äkta Människor but it looks really cool! Thanks :D I've heard of Welcome to Sweden but I thought it was just another American sitcom and wasn't sure if it would be good for practicing my Swedish :/


In a sense, WtS is just another sitcom, and the opportunities to learn Swedish are a bit more limited than with the other series. I still enjoyed it, because many of the experiences of the "invandrare" were relatable for me. Of course they are exaggerated for comedic effect, but I found that strangely consoling: yes, I did embarrass myself from time to time with Swedes, but maybe not quite so badly :)


I think I'll give it a try...I just need to figure out a way to watch it in Ireland :P

[deactivated user]

    Grattis! Lycka till med franska! :)


    Grattis! Och tack så mycket! Keep the good work up. :)


    Tusen tack, Zmrzlina :D


    Grattis, Alex!!! :D This is really great! This is such a cool course :D


    Tack, Jack :D Time to get goldening :P


    :D Get to it! :D It's so great :D


    Congratulations, Alex!!!


    Congratulations! That's amazing how fast you finished! I also may have started cracking up in public at the Eurovision reference.


    Grattis! :D I hope to finish my Swedish tree. Still working on it


    Grattis, Alex! <3


    Congratulations, Alex!!!


    Tack, Blanchefleure :D


    woohoo! grattis! se upp sverige!


    Congratulations! I've only just started my Swedish tree so this is very inspiring! :)


    What I've loved so far are sentences like:

    The problem is that you are too fat. The problem is not me. It's you. The fat girl likes the skinny guy.

    There's some more but I don't know them of the back of my head. Those, however, really cracked me up :D


    "What a big sausage you have!". That one was the best one for me.


    hahahahaha those are great sentences! Congratulations! Sorry to ask you, but everyone says they finished a "tree", what's it mean by tree? I'm new to the comment section.

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