"En björn"

Translation:A bear

February 14, 2015

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I like how björn was one of the word choices.


Of what? We can’t see the choices you have had.


When you have to make the sentence from loose words, the options are {a, bear, björn}


This is wrony!


Why is an ö sometimes pronounced as an u, like in bröd, but sometimes as an o, like in björn and in smörgås? Same with the ä, because he sounds different in är and ursäkta


Often the pronounciation is different before the letter ”r”


Is it read "Biorn", "Bion", "Viorn" or "Vion"? I can't accurately understand.


How do you know when "en" will be indefinite or definite? Sometimes it says I can use the, for example "the bear" but other times I can only say "one bear"


A bear is en björn. The bear is björnen. The definitive form in Swedish is done by altering the end of the word. So if you see en (or ett), it's always the indefinite (or one) and never the definitive form.


I think he means when the indefinite is "ett," like "ett barn," would normally mean a child, but duolingo says it means one child.


It means both, in writing you can't tell which, but in speech we put a little more emphasis on the word when it means 1. (we're trying to accept both in the course wherever it's appropriate)

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    So I notice that this is also a male name, Björn, the most famous namesake to me being Björn Ulvaeus. Does the male name mean "bear" or does the meaning "bear" go away when it's used as a given name?


    You can add the tennis player Björn Borg. Normally you do not consider the meaning when you use it as a name.


    I have no idea when to use ett or en. I got "an animal" wrong since Ett looked like a good choice for everything. Ett means a & an, & it looks like en means a & an also. I have no idea which one to choose when, & it seems like I should just choose what sounds better. Problem is when I got to this exercise, Ett bjorn sounded as good to me as en bjorn. >Shåulder Shrug


    For each noun you have to memorize if it needs ”en” or ”ett”. Good luck.


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