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no xp points for reviewing flashcards?

Hi, I am learning Spanish level 7 currently on a 37 day streak. Just wondering why you don't get any xp from reviewing the flash card words? It seems like a really good exercise and something I will do more often, but I now have a friend doing the lessons as well so I want to be xp efficient and miss out on it!

I think it is a really good exercise since it finds those words you haven't practiced in a while and might not even really know. Many times doing a lesson is far easier than reviewing a section.

3 years ago



I believe the reasoning is that you can absolutely lie and say that you got the word correct. With the tree, there's some accountability. Even with Immersion you could theoretically write gibberish for every translation, but that would have a negative impact on your tier.

3 years ago


Oh yea it could be abused as is, but could easily be turned into something better. :) Makes sense.

3 years ago


I've never found the flashcards useful anyway, because they often seem to bring up more obscure meanings of a word when a simple obvious one is overlooked. If they let you know what part of speech it was, that would help. So it's hard to know what to give myself credit for. So I use memrise which has a much nicer flashcard system. There are several sets that people have made that echo duolingo vocabulary, too! That's just my solution. I hope you find something that works for you. Good luck!

3 years ago


I do memrise too. I love it a lot except for there is no streak freeze to use if you forget a day.

1 year ago

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